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Kill Team Nachmund Unboxing and Review – Warhammer 40k

The Nachmund Gauntlet is a key location in the battle for the fate of the galaxy. Acting as the single safe passage through the horrific Warp rifts of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Nachmund Gauntlet has quickly become a vital strategic location for the Imperium of Man in order to hold the chaotic monstrosities of what lies beyond the Great Rift at bay. If the Nachmund Gauntlet falls to the Warmaster Abaddon then the fate of humanity is ultimatly doomed.

In Kill Team Nachmund, up for pre order today, the Chaos Space Marine Legionaries take on the elusive and cunning Aeldari Corsairs in brutal special operations!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for providing us a free copy of Kill Team Nachmund for review purposes. If you would like to help support the site then why not order your copy of Kill Team Nachmund through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too?

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Still with us? Then let’s head to the Nachmund Gauntlet and see what happens within the pirate-ridden region known as the Choraplex…

Kill Team Nachmund Unboxing and Review

Kill Team Nachmund is the latest expansion for Kill Team, following on from the previous Chalnath box and the original Octarius set. If you have perhaps gotten into Kill Team through the Kill Team Starter Set then this is a great way to boost not only your Kill Team Library but also expand your terrain and miniatures collection as this box is chock full of plastic sprues! Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

First up we have a pretty great collection of Sector Mechanicus scenery in the box with which to build a Kill Zone Nachmund! Numerous frames are included, but in total you get a Ferratonic Furnace, the Crane from the Galvanic Servohauler set, 2 frames of Fuel Reservoirs and Toxic Smog Stacks, 2 Thermic Plasma Regulators and a sprue of pipes! Built up you get a decent Sector Mechanicus collection that would cost around £100 separately and easily fills out a Kill Zone.

Speaking of Kill Zones you also get a double sided hard stock board to use for your games of Kill Team that is themed after the scenery in this set. If you have been collecting these boxes since Octarius you will now have a nice varied range of scenery and boards in order to put together a number of different combat zones for your games!

The real star of the show however are the two new Kill Teams included in the set. First up we have the Aeldari Corsairs the Voidscarred. These are essentially Eldar Pirates, and they look absolutely stunning and are just dripping in detail! There’s a whole range of parts here allowing you to build them as either of the two Corsair options in the Aeldari Codex or to build them as the unique unit choices for games of Kill Team – What’s been great about all these kits is that if you do choose to build all the cool Kill Team specific models is that you can still use them in games of 40k too, which is a brilliant touch!

As you can see from the one we have managed to paint they look amazing and really suit a colourful and outlandish scheme to best fit their piratical nature!

Next up we have the Chaos Space Marine Kill Team, the Legionaries! Like with the Tau Pathfinders (and technically the Death Korps) before them, The Chaos Space Marine Legionary Kill Team is the existing Chaos Space Marine kit with an additional Kill Team specific sprue that allows you to build all the new options from the book – And I have to say they look really really cool when built up and painted!

I decided to expand my Word Bearers with the kit and really enjoyed getting them painted up over the last week – the upgrade sprue goes together with the existing kit seamlessly and really opens up the silhouettes of the kit with some really fun stuff that isn’t possible with just the base sprue! This is one of the most exciting things about Kill Team as it opens up lots of possibilities for old kits to have a little bit of a refresh by just adding a single frame. Not only does it make the kits look really cool for games of 40k, but it also breathes life into them for Kill Team by allowing you to create a force of completely unique models each with their own visual style and rules – something that left us wanting a little bit with the compendium forces.

The box also contains transfers for the models in the box and full assembly instructions. As ever, especially with Kill Team, it’s worth having a good read through the manual to work out which of the model option you want to build using this box. Each model can be built a couple of different ways, so I’d certainly have a look through the rules to make sure you have all the unit options you want from the one kit!

Finally the box contains the Kill Team Nachmund supplement, which we will take a closer look at shortly! It’s worth pointing out that as this is an “expansion” it does not contain the core rules, templates or tokens found in Octarius or the Starter Set – if you are new to the game I would certainly look at picking this up alongside the starter set in order to give you everything you need in order to play the game!

Kill Team Nachmund Supplement

The Kill Team Nachmund Supplement book follows the same pattern as the previous Kill Team books giving players a host of lore on the Kill Team in question, rules for using the new Kill Teams found in the box, full rules for using the included Kill Zone scenery and a series of 9 missions that are narratively themed around the contents of the box.

The Lore

In Kill Team Nachmund we learn of the Nachmund Gauntlet and in particular the Choraplex, a region of the Gauntlet that actually overlaps with the Cicatrix Maledictum itself – something that gives it’s inhabitants horrific nightmares and mutations as they ae bathed in daemonic energy! This location is also a hunting ground for pirates looking to take advantage of the madness and the followers of the Dark Gods looking for recognition by Abaddon himself. This frames the forces in the box into the narrative and we get a good 30 pages of lore talking about both the region and the forces of the Corsairs and Legionaries. As with the previous Kill Team books we also get a series of charts to use for naming your operatives, determining their base of operations and giving flavour as to their background and quirks. While it’s nice to create these yourself, having the ease of simply rolling on a chart makes life a lot easier if you just want to quickly get to the point where you can roll some dice!

So what are these two new Kill Teams like in the game? Let’s take a look!

Chaos Space Marine Legionary Kill Team

While the box contains 10 miniatures, a Legionary Kill Team consists of 6 models – One of which can be a Chosen or Aspiring Champion, with the remaining 5 chosen from Warriors, Gunners, Heavy Gunners , Icon Bearers, Anointed, Bucher, Balefire Acolyte or Shrivetalon. What’s nice about this is that you can build all 6 of the “new” unit choices from the box and still be able to build an Icon bearer, a gunner and a couple of warriors giving you some option choices for Kill Team – presumably these new options will also be usable in 40k in the future too!

When you come to build your Kill Team you get to give each of your operatives a mark of chaos, these all give your units 1 of 5 options:

Khorne – Allows you to count a melee hit as a critical if you did not roll any crits

Nurgle – Allows you to retain a normal save as a critical save

Slaanesh – Add <Triangle> to your movement

Tzeentch – One 5+ becomes a crit when shooting

Undivided – When within <Pentagon> range reroll a dice

As you can see this gives you quite a lot of options for kitting out your kill team! There are some restrictions – You are not allowed to have opposing gods in the same Kill Team and your psyker can never be Khorne, but there’s some really fun stuff you can do here!

As for the Kill Team itself the new additions have some nice and thematic abilities – The Anointed gets to give himself up to the daemon within, stopping him from being able to Overwatch, Pick Up, Shoot or do mission actions but instead gives him a 5+ wound shrug, gives him careless and Lethal 5+ and allows him to do 2 fight actions during an activation!

The Butcher is a close combat beast with a pretty deadly weapon, and also stops enemy operatives from providing combat support in fights!

The Shrivetalon gets to strike first when defending and reduces the APL of nearby enemies when he incapacitates an operative due to the grisly way he does it!

The Balefire Acolyte is a psyker who can cast up to 2 powers if you gear him our with equipment! Powers include a blast fireball, the ability to full your troops with Lethal 5+ and Brutal or heal a nominated operative giving him quite a bit of versatility!

The Chosen is a great close combat operative who reduces the movement of enemies trying to fall back, and heals himself 2 wound whenever he gets crits!

Aeldari Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team

The voidscarred are a 9 man Kill Team who are quick and tricksy! Each of them get a free Dash action during their activation which makes them quite agile and adaptable when moving around the battlefield.

While fast, they are fairly fragile with only 8 wounds each and a 4+ save, but they get some nice toys and abilities that make them pretty tasty in games.

The Duellist is an awesome gunslinger who can fire both of his pistols for a single action, and can even do this while in engagement range! At D 5/3 with AP2 and 3 mortals on crits you absolutely dont want to get shot in the face by this one!

The Kurnite Hunter has a bird that can be used for a chance to allow you to treat a concealed enemy as engaged which is pretty scary if he goes first and takes out your important hidden operatives!

The Shade Runner can do a special “drive by” attack with an action that allows them to make a move and make a strike against something within that path.

The Kurnathi is a defensive fighter who can be used to parry before the enemy strikes you in combat

The Fate Dealer is the dedicated sniper with a nice long rifle and a camo cloak that allows you to retain an additional dice as a save when being shot.

The Way Seeker is the Corsair Psyker, and like the Chaos counterpart has access to a number of powers including the ability to give a friendly target a 3+ invulnerable save, reduce the movement of a target and prevent it from dashing, or even swap the position with another operative on the board!

The Soul Weaver is a healer/banner combo who can add to another operatives APL and heal a target for D3 wounds.

The leader of the Kill Team is the Felarch who has a nice ability to activate another ready operative when he has finished his own actions allowing you to use two models one after the other!

Like with previous books we also get full Spec Ops Rules for use in a continuing campaign, adding some flavour to your Kill Teams.

Kill Zone Nachmund

We also get the full rules for all the scenery pieces in the box, and what’s fun about these is that most of them have some sort of thematic action that can be done while interacting with them. For example your operative could choose to open a hatch and explore underground in exchange for a point of XP, or interact with exhaust vents in order to block line of sight with a torrent of smoke belching out of it. I really like flavourful stuff like this as it adds an extra element to the battlefield and makes certain scenery pieces an important tactical decision to take advantage of.

Again, like with previous books we also get a series of 9 themed story-driven missions based around the Nachmund lore and storyline and are perfect for fighting over with the forces in the box! That said, they are easily used for any Kill Team and expands the mission options players have for their games of Kill Team


So what do I think of the Kill Team Nachmund box? The latest edition of Kill Team is a fantastic box, and I love that we are getting some fantastic support for it with a quarterly big box containing 2 new Kill Teams, scenery and an expansion book bringing it all together. Kill Team Nachmund offers two absolutely gorgeous Kill Teams with completely different styles that will be as much a joy to painters as they will to gamers! The value is decent with a full board’s worth of scenery also included along with the miniatures, and combined with the previous sets gives you a great deal of variety in your Kill Zones you will be fighting over. As with Chalnath my only real mark against this is that I think it would be good to include the small format core rulebook from the Starter Set – as this would really allow new players to jump on and join in without first needing the Starter Set or core book separately. That said, this is still a great value box and has some models I know a lot of people are going to get very excited about!

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews with a copy of Kill Team Nachmund for review purposes

Kill Team Nachmund is up for pre order today and is released Saturday 19th March


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