Podcast: Episode 169 | For Terra!

We are only two weeks into 2022 and we’ve had not one, but two Warhammer 40k codexes land at Sprues & Brews HQ! We’ll be looking at the Genestealer Cults next week, as this week we’ll be delving into the Adeptus Custodes Codex. Jay takes us through the key changes to the army, and gives […]

Podcast: Episode 168 | Hobby Resolutions 2022

Here we go! Our first podcast of 2022! After a week off we are back with our yearly episode where we decide on 3 hobby resolutions to complete during 2022. We also read out a whole load of you choices too, the community. Some of you are really going for it this year! We may […]

Podcast Special! Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2021

We interrupt our normal scheduling, for a special podcast episode! That’s right! Quiz master-general Matt hosts another Sprues and Brews quiz. Playing for the chance to gloat over the other members of the team returning champion Jay takes on Dave and newcomer Andy across 5 rounds of questions. You can play along at home! Grab […]

Podcast: Episode 167 | Maggotkin Arrive!

Sorry for the delay this week, with all the Christmas preparation we recorded late this week! On this week’s show we have Andy chatting about the latest Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battletome, the Maggotkin of Nurgle! We also have a discussion about our favourite releases from 2021, and read out the community choices.  It is […]

Podcast: Episode 166 | Year in Review 2021

The year is rapidly running out of weeks, so on this week’s show we look back at the last 12 months of Warhammer. Matt takes us through all (well hopefully all!) of the past year’s new releases. We started with Nurgle (9th Edition Codex Death Guard) and are finishing with Nurgle (Battletome Maggotkin). In the […]

Podcast: Episode 165 | Book of the Outcast

On this week’s show we delve into the latest Necromunda book, the Book of the Outcast! We’ve got lots to chat about during our hobby roundup, including a trip to Warhammer World for some AoS and Matt painting Stormcast Dragons! Speaking of Dragons, we pick out our Top 3 Warhammer dragons this week. Some really […]

Podcast: Episode 164 | Tournament Top Tips

Our very own tournament veteran, Andy, takes us through his top tips for prepping for and playing in a Warhammer tournament, including making sure you have spare tape measures and that you roll where your opponent can see! Keeping this week’s podcast on topic, we discuss our top 3 favourite tournaments/tournament moments on this weeks […]

Podcast: Episode 162 | Critical Mass

On what is probably one of our longest podcast episodes, we’ve got lots to get through! First and foremost we take a look through the second Octarius supplement book for Warhammer 40,000, Critical Mass. This one contains lots of content for Orks, as well as Rogue Traders. In our bumper hobby section we chat about […]

Podcast: Episode 161 | Monkey Business

In this week’s episode we check out the brand new Warhammer 40k Kill Team Chalnath box, discussing the new Kill Teams and the included supplement.  Our Top 3 has us picking out our favourite reveals from last Saturday’s Warhammer Day live stream, which, spoiler alert, features a certain Monkey and his Ogor friend. We also […]

Podcast: Episode 160 | Fall of the Necromancer

Apologies for the late arrival of this week’s episode! Blame games of Warhammer and family commitments!  We talk a fair bit about the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game this week, thanks to the arrival of the latest supplement, Fall of the Necromancer! Keeping it Middle-Earth, we chat about our favourite minis from the range, past and […]

Podcast: Episode 159 | Containment

On this week’s show we delve into War Zone Ocatarius, Book 1: The Rising Tide as well as the new Crusade supplement, Containment, both for Warhammer 40,000! With Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep now on preorder we discuss our Top 3 warbands this week, and pick out some of the community choices too.  Lots on preorder this […]

Podcast: Episode 158 | Righteous Zeal

Jay takes us through a codex he’s been keen to get his hands on, the Black Templars! He gives us the highlights of the books, including his pick of the relics and strats. He also talks to us about the contents of the launch box. Inspired by the limited edition artwork from said Templars launch […]

Podcast: Episode 157: Go Team!

On this week’s show we can’t help but get excited, as we’ve got tickets to our first team event at Warhammer World playing Age of Sigmar!  What armies will we take? What are we looking forward to? We discuss these points and more.  Also on the show we chat about our Top 3 terrain pieces, […]

Podcast: Episode 156 | Aftermath

For the first time in AGES we got to take part in a tournament! Our local gaming group, the Purple Sparkly Unicorns, put on a two day Age of Sigmar tournament at Element Games. On this week’s show we let you all in on how we did! Jay took his Lumineth Realm-Lords, Matt had the […]

Podcast: Episode 155 | Orruk Family Album

Following on from last week’s show when we chatted about the Stormcast Eternals, this week it is the turn of the Orruk Warclans, the second new Age of Sigmar 3.0 Battletome. Myself, Matt and Andy discuss some of the key takeaways from the book, chatting about each of the different flavours of Orruks and some […]

Podcast: Episode 154 | Thunder, Lightning and Dragons

First of all, apologies that I didn’t do a post for last weeks episode! I was busy prepping for our trip to Warhammer World, swiftly followed by a trip to London, so completely forgot! Episode 153 is available to download and listen to via all the normal channels. We have both of the latest Warhammer […]

Podcast: Episode 152 | FAQs and Animations

Myself, Matt and Andy have plenty to chat about this week as we discuss some of the FAQ changes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We focus on the Core Rulebook changes, whilst also touching on some of the many Battletome FAQs, including the Kharadron Overlords and the Slaves to Darkness. With Warhammer+ now out in […]

Podcast: Episode 151 | Old Bale Eye

Warhammer+ is upon us! On this week’s show we chat about the special animation episode we all got to see early, Old Bale Eye from the Hammer & Bolter series. Speaking of animations, for this week’s Top 3 we don our idea hats and come up with animations/shows we’d love to see on Warhammer+. You […]

Podcast: Episode 150 | Updated Tales

On this week’s show we have a look back at how we have been getting on in the hobby this year, and look forward to what projects will be on our desks over the next few months! We also chat about our Top 3 Kill Teams we’ve love to see in…erm…Kill Team, and of course […]

Podcast: Episode 149 | Unboxing Octarius

Apologies, I still seem to be having some audio issues. I am looking into sorting this! Andy joins the Sprues & Brews team this week! On this week’s bumper show we delve into the new Kill Team Octarius box, and chat about all of the included contents and new rules for fighting games of Kill […]

Podcast: Episode 148 | House of Shadow

We are delving back into the Underhive this week, as we have the latest book for Necromunda, the House of Shadow, in our mitts to chat about as House Delaque get there time in the spotlight! The news segment this week is dominated by Dragons…DRAGONS!! We also chat about our Top 3 starter sets, including […]

Podcast: Episode 147 | Orks Orks Orks!

We’ve called upon Cawl to sort out our technical issues, and he hasn’t let us down, as we are back! On this week’s show we get excited discussing our first impressions of the brand new Warhammer 40k Codex for the Orks.  We also have a meaty news section, with two weeks worth of content to […]

Podcast: Episode 146 | Welcome to Octarius

Apologies, I’m having some internet issues so my audio is a little off this week! On this week’s show we chat about the glorious new stuff we saw on Saturday as part of the latest Warhammer Online Preview, which focused on the Octarius system in Warhammer 40,000. Death Korps! More Orks! For this weeks Top […]

Podcast: Episode 145 | Dominion Launch Preview

The launch box for Warhammer Age of Sigmar is now out in the wild! To celebrate the launch day Games Workshop put on a special Twitch show, which showcased some brand new minis and battletomes for the Stormcast Eternals and the Kruleboyz. In this week’s main segment we dig into said preview show. We also […]

Podcast: Episode 144 | Warhammer+

So we now know the full details regarding the brand new subscription service launching from Games Workshop, Warhammer+. We discuss all the elements of what you get for your monthly sub on this week’s show. Keeping it Warhammer+, our Top 3 has us creating content we’d love to see on the service.  As always we […]

Podcast: Episode 143 | General’s Handbook 2021

The excitement over the new edition of Age of Sigmar is not over yet, as we delve into the latest General’s Handbook this week! Matt and Dave have also had their first game of AoS 3.0, so discuss how the new rules affect the game and give feedback on the game going forward.  For this […]

Podcast: Episode 142 | Dominion!

We are super happy to report that we have a copy of Dominion, the 3rd edition Warhammer Age of Sigmar launch box in our hands! This week’s show focuses on the main changes in 3rd edition AoS, as well as the miniatures in the launch box and a deeper dive into Path to Glory.  For […]

Podcast: Episode 141 | #TaleofSprues

On this week’s episode we chat about our community driven incentive, to get everyone discussing, painting and playing Warhammer! You can join in via the hashtag #taleofsprues. Check out this link below for full details. We chat about our Top 3 Tale of projects, and discuss them in more detail in this week’s main segment. […]

Podcast: Episode 140 | Kragnos!

We’ve got a earth shattering large podcast for you this week, with TWO main segments! We take a look into the lore and contents of the final chapter of the Broken Realms series, Kragnos, as well as delving into the contents of Dominion, the launch box for Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition! Once you […]

Podcast: Episode 139 | For The Omnissiah!

We’ve got our hands on the brand new Warhammer 40,000 Adeptus Mechanicus Codex, so Dave takes us through the contents, picking out some of a cool changes. With Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition on the horizon we chat about our Top 3 AoS releases, and read out some of the community top picks too. We […]

Podcast: Episode 138 | Monster Mash

The Soulblight Gravelords are here! To mark the occasion Matt takes us through the final Battletome for Warhammer Age of Sigmar Second Edition! For this week’s Top we discuss…hats! That’s right, we pick out our favourite hat in Warhammer. We also read out the community choices too. We’ve got a sizable news section thanks to […]

Podcast: Episode 137 | Warhammer Fest 2021

This week we have a good natter about all the super cool things we saw during the Warhammer Fest online previews. To also mark the occasion we pick out our Top 3 reveals. A massive thank you to the waves of community Top 3 picks. We read out a selection towards the end of the […]

Podcast: Episode 136 | It’s Our Birthday!

Sprues and Brews is 4 years old! How time flies when you are having fun! To mark the occasion we pick out our Top 3 Sprues and Brews moments from the past 4 years, and read out your choices too! At the time of recording we’d seen the first two days of Warhammer Fest week, […]

Podcast: Episode 135 | Siege Studios

Joining us on the show this week we have James from Siege Studios! We chat to James about Siege Studios, and the services they offer. We discuss how lockdown has been for him and his team, as well as delving into his own hobby projects. We also have our Top 3 models we want to […]

Podcast: Episode 134 | Be’lakor is Back!

Be’lakor takes centre stage in the latest Warhammer Age of Sigmar Broken Realms book. We’ve got a couple in our mitts and it’s the main focus of this week’s show.  We also discuss the recent news regarding Cursed City, as well as picking out our Top 3 models from the box. The recent announcement of […]

Podcast: Episode 133 | Realms and Releases

Plenty to chat about on this week’s episode! Matt talks us through the new starter box for Warhammer Underworlds, as well as the two new books for Adeptus Titanicus.  As we have Cursed City in our hands we also chat about our first impressions of the brand new boxed game. In this week’s Top 3 […]

Podcast: Episode 132 | Hobby Bargains

On this week’s episode we chat about how we go about starting new armies, what inspires us and how we go about buying and painting the miniatures.  We also chat about our Top 3 hobby bargains that we’ve picked up over the years. It appears you folks have picked up some tasty bargains too, as […]

Podcast: Episode 131 | Broken Realms Teclis

We chat about the two latest books in our possession, both of which are for Warhammer Age of Sigmar this week. We’ve got Broken Realms Teclis as well as the updated Battletome for the Lumineth Realm-lords. Also on the show is our Top 3 old game systems we’d love to see get new boxes and […]

Podcast: Episode 130 | Squiggie Piggies

We’ve got lots of content this week! We delve into two new Warhammer 40,000 books, Codex Drukhari and War Zone Charadon: Act 1 The Book of Rust. We also chat about the latest Warhammer Preview online featuring the full reveal of the Soulblight Gravelords for Warhammer Age of Sigmar! Our Top 3 this week focuses […]

Podcast: Episode 129 | One Year On

We reflect on a year with lockdown hobbying this week, including the switching the podcast recording to virtual and the shortage of sprays! Our Top 3 has us talking about models that have inspired us to collect an army. Some fantastic community picks which we read out towards the end of the show too. A […]

Podcast: Episode 128 | MiniWarGaming (featuring MWG’s Dave!)

We have Dave from MiniWarGaming.com joining us this week! We chat to Dave about who they are and what they do over at MWG, how they’ve been handling lockdown and what the future holds for the site.  It’s all about Black Library books we’d like to see as films or series in our Top 3 […]

Podcast: Episode 127 | Operation Kill Team

We are armed with the latest boxed game from Games Workshop this week as we chat about the latest expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team, Pariah Nexus, on this week’s show.  Lengthy Top 3 this week as we discuss models and concepts we would love to see in Warhammer Age of Sigmar and 40k. We […]

Podcast: Episode 126 | Lords & The Cursed City

Wow what a preview! Our main segment this week focuses on the massive Warhammer Preview from the weekend which was solely dedicated to all things Age of Sigmar! Lumineth! Savage Orruks! CURSED CITY! It was difficult, however we pick out our favourite 3 models for this weeks Top 3. Towards the end of the show […]

Podcast: Episode 125 | Khaine and Slaanesh

It’s a mega episode this week as we have not one, but TWO Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battletomes to delve into! We’ve got our hands on the latest Daughters of Khaine and Hedonites of Slaanesh books, of which we preview both on the show.  Keeping it Sigmar, we have our Top 3 Models from the […]

Podcast: Episode 124 | Late from the Warp

It got a little lost in the warp, however we’ve now got our hands on the latest Warhammer 40,000 Codex, the Dark Angels! Matt and Jay run through the book, picking out some of the key warlord traits and stratagems, as well as special rules and datasheets.  We’ve got a chunky Top 3 this week […]

Podcast: Episode 123 | Rolling Different Dice

It’s episode 1-2-3 of the Sprues and Brews podcast! On this week’s show we have a lengthy chat about other miniature game systems that we’ve either played, or would like to play. This includes the likes of Infinity, Warmachine and Black Seas.  Our Top 3 looks back at The Dead and the Divine preview, as […]

Podcast: Episode 122 | Painting Motivation

Welcome to another episode of our weekly podcast! This week we discuss last Saturday’s Warhammer Preview Online, The Dead and the Divine. Hand’s down, one of the best previews we’ve seen since they started. Warmaster Titans…Lumineth Spirit Foxes…Sister of Battle Warsuits and a Cursed City for starters! For our Top 3 we chat about what […]

Podcast: Episode 121 | Mortarion’s Wrath

We’ve got the latest Death Guard Codex for Warhammer 40,000, and it’s awesome! Matt takes us through the key talking points from the book. Our Top 3 this week focuses on our favourite none-paint hobby products, and we read out a number of our community choices too! In our news segment we speculate what could […]

Podcast: 120 | Pile of Potential

We welcome Ceri (@purplemonkey790) from The Hobby Room (@The_HobbyRoom) back on the podcast this week as a special guest! On this week’s show Ceri chats to us about the Pile of Potential, a brand new website launched by The Hobby Room to track your hobby purchases and painting! This week’s Top 3 focuses on our […]

Podcast: 119 | 2021 Projects

Time to set out our stalls and plot our projects for 2021! Will we stick to them or will we get distracted?! We also chat about the Top 3 things we’d love to see get released this year, and read out the fantastic community choices too! Quite a bit of news this week as well […]

Podcast: 118 | Hobby Resolutions 2021

Our final podcast of the year is here!  We review how we go on with last years hobby resolutions, and set out our 3 hobby resolutions going into 2021! You folks have let us know what your hobby resolutions are, so we read those out towards the end of the show. We also chat about […]

Podcast: Episode 117 | Year in Review 2020

Our last podcast before Christmas, and our penultimate episode before the end of the year! As is tradition we run through the year in Warhammer, chatting about some of the key releases, including a new edition of Warhammer 40,000! We also pick out our Top 3 minis from this year, and read out all of […]

Podcast: 116 | House of Artifice

The Van Saar are the latest Necromunda gang to get a book all to themselves, House of Artifice, and we have it to review on the show! We also pick out the Top 3 things we’d love to get from Santa, of which includes a number of high ticket items! Our community Top 3 picks […]

Podcast: 115 | Direchasm

On this weeks show we take a peak inside the latest Warhammer Underworlds boxed game, Direchasm! We also chat about our Top 3 Hobby Gift Ideas and read out all of the community picks. Our Silver Tower competition winners are announced, and let us not forget all the regular features, including all the latest news! […]

Podcast: 114 | Sons of Sanguinius

We’ve got the new Blood Angels Codex Supplement for Warhammer 40k, so our resident Blood Angels expert Jay takes us through the book.  We also chat about our Top 3 models we have painted this year between us, as well as reading out a selection of the community picks too.  The latest news and hobby […]

Podcast: 113 | Sigvald and His Friends

We’ve got yet another Warhammer Online Preview to delve into on this week’s show, with new content for 40k, Age of Sigmar, Middle-Earth and Necromunda! Sticking with the preview, our Top 3 this week has us discussing our favourite reveals from the show. We also have the community picks towards the end of the show.  […]

Podcast: 112 | Battleforces

Join Dave and Andy on this week’s podcast as the two discuss the recently revealed Christmas Battleforces for both Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar.   With the current Blood Bowl hype we chat about our Top 3 things we’d like to see get added to Blood Bowl following the release of Season 2.  The latest […]

Podcast: 109 | Stompy Robots

It’s a double deep dive of books this week, as Matt discuss the latest supplement for Adeptus Titanicus, Crucible of Retribution and the newest book for Necromunda, the House of Iron! With 4 new 40k codexes on the horizon we chat about the Top 3 Codexes we’d love to see next, and read out the […]

Podcast: Episode 107 | Here Come The Giants!

The Giants are here! We delve into the latest Battletome for Age of Sigmar, the Sons of Behemat! We also have Andy Woods joining us on the show too! Keeping it giant themed our Top 3 focuses on our favourite massive models from across the different worlds of Warhammer. We also read out all your […]

Podcast: 106 | Codex Marines & Necrons!

We’ve got the latest, and first, codexes for 9th Edition in our hands! Codex Space Marines and Necrons are up for preorder right now and we are super excited to chat to you about them! Also on the show we chat about our Top 3 units from the Marines and Necrons, and read out all […]

Podcast: 105 | Tactical Reschedule

We’ve switched our recording evenings! This means our weekly podcast will now be released on Tuesday evenings, rather than Friday! On this week’s show we take a deep dive into the two new books that are currently up for preorder for Warhammer 40,000. Beyond The Veil adds a whole bunch of Crusade content, whilst Tactical […]

Podcast: 104 | Paint Crusade

This week we are joined by Ceri from The Hobby Room! She chats to us regarding her recent hobbying, her Twitch channel The Hobby Room and her upcoming painting stream challenge, Paint Crusade! She also gives us some exclusive news regarding the 48 hour painting marathon! We (try to remember) our Top 3 rules we […]

Podcast: 103 | The Codex Show

We’ve got a bonanza of new content coming this year for 40k, as Warhammer Community busted the lid open on another Preview show! Speaking of reveals, for this week’s Top 3 we decided to chat about our favourite reveals so far from 2020. The community picks get a shout out towards the end of the […]

Podcast: Episode 102 | Videogames

On this week’s show we chat about our Top 3 Warhammer videogames, and my days, there is a lot of them! We also have a TON of community picks too! We run you through our tournament lists as we prepare for our first tournament since March, and read out all the latest news including the […]

Podcast: Episode 101 Broken Realms

Normal service has resumed! After our special quiz episode last week, its back to the normal podcast schedule, with the return of our hobby updates, Community Top 3 and the latest news. We just had to chat about the last Warhammer Online Preview from a couple of weeks ago, and discuss our Top 3 models […]

Podcast: Power Up!

We chat about some of the massive changes coming to Warhammer 40,000! We also have our Top 3, Hobby Updates and latest News.

Podcast: Indomitus Crusade

On this week’s show we just HAD to talk about the new launch box for Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, Indomitus! It is packed with awesome new minis for the Space Marines and Necrons! Also on the show we pick out our Top 3 Black Library characters, and read out all the community picks too. The […]

Podcast: Two Thin Coats

This week we have a former Warhammer TV host and now master of his own Painting Academy on the show, Mr Duncan Rhodes! In honour of Duncan’s presence we chat about our Top 3 Miniatures that we’ve painted as well as reading out some of the community top picks too. We have included a sample […]

Podcast: Forging a Podcast

We have Paul Murphy, the host of the ‘Forge the Narrative‘ podcast joining us this week on the show! We chat to Paul about the hobby over in the US, the Warhammer tournament scene and his recent projects during the lockdown. Inspired by the new Catachan limited edition Colonel model we have our Top 3 […]

Podcast: Golden Demon

We welcome Golden Demon winning Pete aka @Runebrush onto this week’s podcast! We chat about Pete’s hobby projects, and his journey to winning a Golden Demon award with his fantastic Porphyrion! This also leads us to a general chat about developing our painting skills.  Matt has some great news this week, as GW prepares to open […]

Podcast: Revenge of the Previews

On this week’s podcast we re-cap the reveals from the third and final Warhammer Preview online (well, at least for April anyway!)  Lots of tasty new minis on the way, including Snotlings, Giants and a new plastic Lord Inquisitor!  We also chat about our Top 3 models we’d love to paint and round up our […]

Podcast: The Old World

This week we natter about what we’d like to see when the new Old World range launches in the next few years, as we reminisce about Warhammer Fantasy. With lock down extended we decided to have a look at our Top 3 projects we’d like to start on afternoon the lock down ends and the […]

Podcast: More Reveals!

On this week’s podcast we delve into the second online Warhammer Preview, which includes new stuff for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Middle-Earth, Blood Bowl and Horus Heresy! We also decided to get nostalgic on this week’s Top 3 as we pick out our favourite old models! You guys haven’t let us down either with […]

Podcast: Battle Cattle

Hot on the heels of last Saturday’s online Warhammer Preview we discuss all the latest reveals, from new Lumineth Realm-Lords to Eomer for Middle-Earth! We chat about our Top 3 things we don’t want to run out of during isolation, and read out all your picks too! Not forgetting all of our hobby updates and […]

Podcast: Lockdown!

As the UK enters lockdown, we thought we’d take a look in this week’s episode on ways to keep ourselves hobbying during these uncertain few weeks, including our Top 3 hobby things to do whilst we are locked inside! We do also go through all the latest news, including further developments from GW HQ as […]

Podcast: Glorious GAMA

Lots of reveals to chat about on this week’s podcast, including all the latest news from GAMA and our reaction to the Warhammer 40k Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast minis! We also pick out our Top 3 Deadliest Beasts from the Mortal Realms and read out your selections too. On top of all that […]

Podcast: On the Horizon

What are the worst jobs in the Imperium? We discuss on this week’s show! Also cover what we’d like to see in 9th Edition 40k and all the latest Warhammer news!

Podcast: Love and War

We review The Greater Good on this week’s podcast, as well as discuss all the latest news and this week’s Top 3!

Podcast: Matched Play in Middle-Earth

The most amount of replies to our Top 3 EVER! Plus reviewing the Matched Play Guide for Middle-Earth, discussing new FAQ and all the latest Warhammer news! All on our latest podcast!

Podcast: Fall of Archaon

We chat about all the latest reveals from the Nuremberg Toy Fair and Jay & Matt discuss how they got on at last weekend’s tournament!