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Podcast: Episode 193 | Summer Skirmish

Yep…just like the week before…I went and forgot to post about the latest episode of the podcast being up. 191 episodes of being consistent, followed by 2 weeks of forgetting!

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Due to the heatwave in the UK, we’ve decided to record this week’s episode on Wednesday evening, for release Thursday/Friday

Another Warhammer Online preview has come and gone, so it is only right that we delve into said reveals and give our thoughts. From Warcry to Kill Team, this preview was all about the skirmish size games.

Whenever there is a preview, we have to have a Top 3 where we choose our favourite reveals/models from the preview. This week is no different! We also, as always, turn to our community for there choices too.

We chat about all the latest Warhammer news, discuss our hobby updates and open the floor to you, our listeners for ideas on what to do for Episode 200, which is only a few weeks away!

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