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Category: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Rumour Engine – Flame on!

Another week, another rumour engine! Warhammer Community have shown their latest teaser, but what could it be? Pure holy fire on the Emperor in the hands of the ministorium, or […]

Made to Order Beasts!

Limited run of old Beasts of Chaos models now up for preorder! Including the super rare standard bearer! Available for one week only

Rumour Engine – Something Elegant

Another week, another Rumour Engine from Warhammer Community! Now, my Chaos Daemon loving side wants to say this is Slaaneshi, but is it just me or does the scrolled section […]

Christmas Battleforce Boxes Revealed!

We previously reported about the of the Christmas Battleforce Boxes coming from Games Workshop this December, well now we know what the others are! Some fantastic bundles there that would […]

Blood and Glory Studio Preview

  Wow! Just wow! Games Workshop have just revealed a load of stuff from their Blood and Glory Studio preview! Moon Clan Grots Looks lke the next Age of Sigmar […]

Rumour Engine – Curves and Bolts

It’s Rumour Engine time again from Warhammer Community, and is it just me or does this seem like it could be something Goblin related?… Let us know what you think […]