Podcast: 109 | Stompy Robots

It’s a double deep dive of books this week, as Matt discuss the latest supplement for Adeptus Titanicus, Crucible of Retribution and the newest book for Necromunda, the House of […]

Podcast: 108 | Spookies and Specialist Games

On this week’s show we delve into the newest Warhammer Online Preview, which this time focuses on the Specialist Games. Blood Bowl Season 2, Underworlds: Direchasm warbands revealed…lots of goodies! […]

New Painting Handle Revealed!

Over on the official Warhammer social media channels a new and improved Painting Handle has been announced. To be released in November, this one is definitely sleeker than the original. […]

More McFarlane Action Figures Incoming!

That’s right! More action figures are coming from McFarlane Toys! Both of these are due to launch in the new year. We’ve got a Sister of Battle, heavily influenced by […]