S&B Podcast: Entering the Nightvault

Matt, Dave and Jason return to discuss the latest Games Workshop news, a review of the board game Champions of Hara and also their Top 3 Monsters of the Mortal […]

S&B Podcast: Return of the Podcast

Matt, Dave and Jason return! Check out our latest podcast where we discuss the upcoming Thrones of Skulls Doubles, Rogue Trader and Orktober. We also introduce a new feature, our […]

This Week’s GW Preorders

Saturdays means one thing, new stuff up for preorder! Nurgle’s Rotters Are your games of Blood Bowl not disgusting enough? Fear not! For Nurgle is coming to Blood Bowl! These […]

New Ork Scenery Incoming?

So Matt and I were chatting about all things Orks, what we could see when the new codex lands when Matt suddenly spotted something: “Dave, what do you see here?” […]