Podcast: The Big 5-0!

Episode 50! Yay! Dave and Jay celebrate the podcast hitting the grand age of 50! On today’s podcast we have a detailed chat about our first games of Warcry and […]

Middle-Earth Reveals Incoming!

A new banner has appeared on Warhammer Community. Not spotted it yet? Well here it is… Tonight! 9pm in the UK we’ll be seeing brand new things for the Middle-Earth […]

Podcast: Warcry Unboxing

On this week’s episode we unbox Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry live on the podcast! And what a glorious big box of goodies it is! We have a brilliant Top […]

Podcast: Age of Unicorns

My apologies! This podcast went live on Friday, but I completely forgot to post its release here! Oppppsss!! We have a special guest this week, with Chief Unicorn Craig joining […]

Podcast: AoS Open Day 2019

Matt went along to last weekend’s Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day, and oh my, plenty of stuff was revealed…including three new Battletomes! We discuss all the announcements from the […]

Today’s Preorders! Warcry!

Help support the website by clicking this link and preordering through Element Games. Warcry Starter Box Want to start playing Warcry? Then grab this big box of goodies. Iron Golems […]

Podcast: The Cry of War

Warcry is coming! We chat about all the goodies up for preorder at the weekend, including all the Warcry releases. Our feature this week involves a discussion on the many […]

Eisenhorn: The TV Series Announced!

Wow this is big news. Like huge. Warhammer Community have just announced that a Eisenhorn TV series is starting development. That’s right. Everyone’s* favourite Inquistor is coming to TV! It’s […]