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Category: Podcast

The Sprues & Brews Holiday Special 2022

Merry Christmas Everyone! We are here this fine Christmas Eve with our very first Holiday Special! You are invited to the Sprues & Brews Christmas Party as we talk about […]

Podcast: Episode 208 | Year in Review 2022

We are back with December’s podcast! This episode is crammed with content, including: – We look back at all the Warhammer releases from 2022– Discuss the Warhammer Preview contents from […]

Podcast: Episode 204 | Hobby on a Budget

** Apologies once again. It appears that my mic likes to lower its volume post-test! Hopefully will be sorted for next episode!** On this week’s podcast episode Andy asks us […]

Podcast: Episode 203 | Gift of Change

Matt has literally an arcane tome in his hands this week, in the form of the brand new Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome! He takes us through the […]