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Podcast: Episode 199 | Arcane Overcharged

Episode 199! The podcast before the big milestone. But wait…the ending of this week’s episode sounds…ominous? 

On this week’s episode we have loads to chat about, include Matt’s participation on the weekend’s 40k Throne of Skulls, a runthrough of Aeronautica Imperalis: The Horus Heresy and the latest battlebox for Age of Sigmar, Arcane Cataclysm!

On top of all that we have a Kill Team featured Top 3, the community Top 3 and all the latest Warhammer news.

Episode 200 lands roughly on the 6th September following a week off…hopefully…I really didn’t like the sound at the end of this episode…

Aeronautica Imperalis: The Horus Heresy Review
Arcane Cataclysm Unboxing, Review & Showcase

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