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Podcast Announcement | Change of Schedule

For those who have not yet listened to the latest episode (episode 207) of our weekly podcast, we made a pretty hefty announcement at the end…

For a long time now we have been putting a new podcast out weekly, however this is about to change.

We now have the facilities to stream and record games again, which is amazing and is something we have really missed. However, these take a lot of time to do and combined weekly podcast recordings and editing, among our regular lives, we just can’t physically fit everything in.

To this end we have decided, at least for the time being, to switch to a monthly podcast episode, which will go live at the start of each month (with the occasional special episode here and there).

Because of the change in schedule the podcast content will alter slightly, as we won’t be covering the news or book reviews. We are using feedback from you folks, the community, to improve the episodes.

In short, we’ll be publishing less podcasts, however we hope you enjoy the episodes we do start putting out. It also means we will be doing live streams and battle reports again very soon over on YouTube & Twitch.

If in the future circumstances change, we could yet change back, however for the time being we are going to give this a shot.

If you have any feedback please let us know via our social channels or via email,

We are forever grateful to our podcast followers who listen to us every week, and apologies for the schedule change, however I do hope you continue to listen and enjoy our other future content too.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support x

Dave – On behalf of the Sprues & Brews Team

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