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Seraphon 2023 Battletome Review – Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition

The cold-blooded Seraphon ply the void between the mortal realms in their magnificant Temple Ships. Enigmatic Slann Starmasters lead their mighty warhosts of reptilian beasts and warriors as they seek to enact the Old One’s Great Plan and purge the realms of the taint of Chaos forever.

Today the brand new Seraphon Army Set, containing a host of new kits, the brand new limited edition Battletome and more is up for pre order and we’ll be taking a close look at all the new rules, warscrolls and models contained therein.

Thank you to Games Workshop for sending us an early copy of the new Battletome for us to review and a selection of the new kits for us to play with and build. If you would like to support the site why not order your own Seraphon Army Set through our affiliate Element Games or check out our Patreon.

Seraphon Battletome (2023) Review

The Seraphon Battletome is essential divided in two and you must choose whether you wish to build either a Starborne or Coalesced themed Seraphon army. The Starborne represent those Seraphon empowered by celestial energies, masters of space and time who are able to to harness eldritch powers to bend reality to their will. The Coalesced meanwhile represent those Seraphon who have a more physical connection to a particular realm, raising and defending great Temple Cities deep within primal jungles. Whichever flavour of Seraphon army you choose to build you’ll get access to specific Battle Traits, Command Traits, Enhancements, Spell Lores and Constellations (essentially subfactions for the Seraphon). Note though that there are no unit restrictions in the Battletome and a Seraphon army of any type is able to include any unit from those available in the Battletome.

Starborne Allegiance Abilities

A Starborne Seraphon army gains access to a number of unique Battle Traits. The first is Lords of Space and Time which grants access to two unique Heroic Actions for your Slann units. Contemplation of the Ancient Ones allows you to swap a spell that a friendly Slann knows for another from the Lore of Celestial Domination, granting some useful utility mid-battle and allowing you to adjust your repitoire of spells on the fly as a battle progresses. The second, Spatial Translocation allows you to remove a friendly Starborne unit within range of a Slann and set it up again anywhere on the battlefield (with the usual 9″ restrictions).

Starborne armies also gain access to Cosmic Power which is essentially an enhanced summoning mechanic. Throughout a game you will have the opportunity to amass cosmic power points (CPP) which you can spend to summon new units to the battlefield or spend on useful effects. There are different ways to generate CPP, such as each time a friendly Starborne Wizard successfully casts or unbinds a spell or dispels an Endless Spell. Each of your Starborne Wizards and Astrolith Bearers will also generate a single CPP in each Hero Phase. These units, alongside the Realmshaper Engine, are also designated as cosmic nodes and are the focal point for the powers you’ll activate by spending the CPP you have acumulated. In the Hero Phase you’ll be able to spend your CPP to do the following :-

Azure Light – This ability costs 5 CPP and allows you to return D3 slain models to each friendly Starborne unit with wounds characteristic of 1 or 2 that is wholly within 12″ of a cosmic node.

Protection of the Old Ones – For 10 CPP you can enhance the effect of the Astrolith Bearer’s Revivifying Energies ability for an improved ward save.

Cleanse the Realms – A 15 CPP ability that can deal up to 6 mortal wounds to multiple enemy units that find themselves in range of a cosmic node.

Summon Seraphon – You are able to spend between 8 and 30 CPP to summon a new Seraphon unit to the battlefield. This unit is set up within 12″ of a cosmic node with the usual 9″ restrictions. Units that can be summoned range from 10 x Skinks to 1 x Engine of the Gods!

There are four Command Traits for a Starborne Slann and an additional three for a Starborne Skink to select from.

Arcane Might – Enhances a Slann’s ability to control predatory Endless Spells, upping the number to three and increasing the range at which Endless Spells can be cast at.

Higher State of Consciousness – Essentially turns the Slann ethereal allowing it to ignore any modifiers to saves.

Lord of Celestial Resonance – A Slann with this Command Trait generates double the CPP when casting and unbinding/dispelling.

Vast Intellect – A straight forward Command Trait that enables the Slann to select an addiitonal spell from the Lore of Celestial Domination.

Master of Star-rituals (Skink) – A great Command Trait which grants the Skink access to all spells from the Lore of Celestial Manipulation.

Nimble Warleader (Skink) – This Command Trait buffs run rolls for nearby Skink units.

Shrewd Strategist (Skink) – A potentially game changing once per battle ability that can be used in your opponent’s combat phase to allow a nearby Seraphon unit to attempt a charge!

Just like the Command Traits you also get a selection of Artefacts for both your Slann and Skink heroes.

Relocation Orb – Allows a wounded Slann to teleport to within range of a cosmic node at the end of a phase in which it suffered wounds (with the usual 9″ restrictions).

Prism of Amyntok – Grants another once per game ability that can be used to inflict some mortal wounds on a target unit.

Zoetic Dial – A really fun item which can must be activated in a round you choose in secret before the first battle round begins. Once activated the bearer will heal all wounds suffered and gains a bonus to save rolls for that battle round.

Spacefolder’s Stave – A really powerful artefact that allows you to summon units of Seraphon within 7″ of an enemy rather than 9″!

Incandescent Rectrices (Skink) – A useful item for keeping a Skink healthy!

Sacred Stegadon Helm (Skink) – A nice item for a combat focused Skink Hero, buffing save rolls and increasing the damage of any melee weapons on the charge.

Cloak of Feathers (Skink) – Increases the mobility of the bearer and inflicts a -1 to hit penalty on any enemy units that attempt to attack it.

The Starborne Seraphon get access to two spell lores, Lore of Celestial Domination for Slann Wizards and Lore of Celestial Manipulation for your Skink Wizards. We’ll cover the Lore of Celestial Domination first which contains five different spells.

Comet’s Call – A great spell that can target multiple units anywhere on the battlefield to inflict mortal wounds. Depending on the casting roll you’re able to select either D3 or D6 enemy units as targets for this spell.

Tepok’s Beneficence – This spell can be used to protect a friendly Skink unit, making them more difficult to wound.

Drain Magic – This spell makes it much easier for you to disrupt your opponent’s magical capabilities, making it more difficult for them to cast their own spells or unbind yours.

Mystical Unforging – A fantastic spell that reduces a target unit’s Rend characteristic to ‘-‘ until your next Hero Phase!

Stellar Tempest – A great spell for dealing with large units with potential to deal a large number of mortal wounds!

The Lore of Celestial Manipulation contains just three spells for your Skink Wizards to choose from.

Cosmic Crush – A great spell that you’ll want to cast against your opponent’s most heavily armoured units. If successfully cast you roll a dice for each model in the target unit and for each dice that equals or beats the save characteristic you’ll inflict a mortal wound.

Celestial Harmony – A useful spell that, depending on the casting roll, buffs the bravery on a number nearby Seraphon units.

Speed of Huanchi – Another useful spell that allows you to perform a move with a nearby Kroxigor or Skink unit.

Finally a Starborne army can choose from one of two Constellations which each grant a unique bonus to the army. The Dracothian’s Tail subfaction grants the Appear on Command bonus which allows you to set up some of your units in reserve and deploy them to the battlefield at the end of any of your movement phases. The Fangs of Sotek subfaction grant a number of bonues, the first being the Serpent Strikes which allows you to use the Redeploy Command Ability for Skink units up to three times in each of your opponent’s Movement Phases. In addition the first two times you use this ability you don’t need to spend any command points. On top of this the Fangs of Sotek subfaction also unlocks the new Raptadon Chargers and Raptadon Hunters units as Battleline!

Coalesced Allegiance Abilities

Just like their Starborne cousins, Seraphon armies of the Coalesced variety also gain access to their own Battle Traits. Predatory Fighters is a cool bonus that applies to all Coalesced Saurus and Kroxigor units and grants a +1 to hit bonus to their ‘jaw’ type attacks. Scaly Skin reduces the damage suffered by Saurus, Kroxigor and Monster units by 1 which makes Coalesced armies much tougher. Lastly monsters in a Coalesced army gain access to number of uniqie Monstrous Rampages.

Gargantuan Jaws (Carnosaur) – Provides a chance to outright slay a nearby model providing you can roll higher than its wounds characteristic.

Earthshaking Charge (Stegadon) – Can inflict the strike-last effect on a target unit.

Odious Roar (Troglodon) – Increases the range of the Troglodon’s Stench of Death ability.

Bludgeoning Sweep (Bastiladon) – Can inflict up to six mortal wounds on a non-monster unit.

On the Command Trait front Coalesced Slann and Saurus Heroes get acces to four and three Traits each.

Wrath of Aeons – This traits gives the Slann a useful once per game ability that can be activated to buff the attacks characteristic of nearby Saurus and Kroxigor units.

Custodian of Divive Technology – Allows a Slann to pick two artifacts!

Master of the Material Plane – Allows the Slann to pick an extra two spells from the Lore of Ancient Domains.

Dominating Mind – A really useful once per turn ability that can be used to buff wound rolls for a friendly monster unit.

Prime Warbeast (Saurus) – A straight forward Command Trait that increases the attacks characteristic of the model’s mount.

Thickly Scaled Hide (Saurus) – Improves the save rolls for the General.

Vengeful Defender (Saurus) – A very strong Trait which allows you to choose two Saurus or Kroxigor units within range to make a normal move!

As you’d expect, Coalesced armies also get access to a number of Artefacts, four for the Slann and three for the Saurus.

Throne of the Lost Gods – This item makes your Slann a bit faster and adds an additional wound.

Crystalline Skull – This item allows the bearer to build up a power reserve by successfully casting spells and then later unleash that power to inflict a number of mortal wounds on a target enemy unit.

Itxi Grubs – These can be eaten in each of your Hero Phases to restore wounds and provide a casting, dispelling and unbinding re-roll.

Coatl Familiar – This cool item allows you to cast one additional spell once per game with the added advantage that this spell can be any chosen from the Lore of Ancient Domains.

Sotek’s Gaze (Saurus) – Wow, this is a really interesting item which prevents nearby enemy models with a wounds characteristic of either 1 or 2 from being able to contest objectives.

Bloodrage Pendant (Saurus) – Grants additional attacks to the bearer which increase further as the model suffers wounds.

Blade of Realities (Saurus) – Improves the Rend and Damage of one of the bearer’s weapons.

Coalesced Slann and Skink Wizards get access to the Lore of Ancient Domains and Lore of Primal Jungles respectively. Let’s look at the Lore of Ancient Domains first.

The Earth Trembles – This spell can be cast in a straight line to inflict mortal wounds to enemy units in its path.

Empowered Celestite – This spell can be cast on a friendly Saurus unit to improve the Rend characteristic of that unit’s Celestite weapons.

Drain Magic – We’ve already covered this spell above.

Itzl’s Invigoration – This spell can target a friendly Monster and allows you to make use of the top row of the unit’s damage table regardless of how many wounds it has suffered.

Telepathic Summons – Now I’d assume this spell will be FAQ’d but as it’s currently written this spell allows you to redeploy a nearby Saurus anywhere within 9″ of the caster – no minimum distance from enemy units is stated!

The Lore of Primal Jungles contains just three spells for Coalesced Skinks to choose from.

Light of Chotec – A useful healing spell that can target a Seraphon model.

Heavenly Frenzy – A very useful spell that allows a Seraphon unit to run and charge!

Tide of Serpents – Very similar to the Stellar Tempest spell above that can be used to inflict lots of mortal wounds onto larger units.

Just like the Starborne, Coalesced armies also get to choose from two Constellations or subfactions. Koatl’s Claw grants a +1 to wound rolls for Saurus and Kroxigor units that have charged that turn. In addition this subfaction unlocks Kroxigor and Kroxigor Warspawned as Battleline. A Thunder Lizard allows each monster to carry out two Monstrous Rampages instead of one and also unlocks the mightly Stegadon as Battleline!

Before we move onto the Grand Strategies and Battle Tactics we can first take a look at the unique Seraphon Core Battalion, Thunderquake. This Battalion grandts the Slayers and Swift abilities with the following requirements :-

1 x Leader (Stegadon Chief)

2 x Thunderquake Monster (Bastiladon or Stegadon)

2 x Kroxigor (Optional)

1 x Spawn of Chotec (Optional)

1 x Engine of the Gods (Optional)

Grand Strategies

Both Starborne and Coalesced Seraphon armies get access to the same set of Grand Strategies and Battle Tactics which we’ll take a closer look at below.

Realmshaper Guardians could be a tricky one to score and requires that you manage to keep safe a Realmshaper Engine and that their are no nearby enemy models at the end of the battle. Repel Corruption is also quite a tough option and requires that the battle ends with no enemy units within your territory! Continuous Expansion is probably the best of the bunch and requires you to end the battle with a unit in each quarter of the battlefield. Seraphon certainly have the mobility to achieve this one. Lastly we have Further the Great Plan which requires that you have achieved four or more of the Seraphon specific Battle Tactics which we’ll cover next.

Battle Tactics

Stampede of Scales requires a bit of setting up and coordindation. You choose three monsters and each must make a run move into enemy territory and end up within 6″ of another of the three monsters chosen. Probably best used early on in a game. Celestial Obliteration requires that you destroy an enemy unit with mortal wounds caused by a spell or Endless Spell. Seraphon certainly have the magical muscle to attempt this. Overwhelming Numbers requires that you take conttol of an enemy objective with a unit of Skinks. Apex Predator is a fairly straightforward Battle Tactic which requires that you destroy any enemy unit with an attack from a Monster. Cold-blooded Resilience is a really fun pick which will see trying to make sure a Kroxigor unit already engaged with an enemy unit does not get destroyed. Lastly Pack-Hunters will require you to coordinate the movement of two units of Aggradons to ensure an enemy unit is within range of both at the end of the turn.


There has been a bit of change to the Seraphon Warscroll selection with some older Warscrolls such as Salamanders and Razordons disappearing to make way for a number of new units. We’ll take a closer look at each Warscroll below.

Lord Kroak

Lord Kroak remains a powerful Wizard able to cast and unbind four spells a turn with some nice casting and range buffs. Depending on whether your using a Starborne or Coalesced army he’ll gain access to the entirety of the respective spell lore in addition to his Celestial Deliverance spell (which can still be cast three times). Kroak also retains the ability to restore all wounds lost in a phase and has a useful ability which can allow him to gain up to three additional command points in your Hero Phase. I also like his Golden Death Mask ability which has a chance to inflict the strike-last effect to a nearby enemy unit.

Slann Starmaster

A slightly weaker version of the mighty Kroak, the basic Slann is still a powerful Wizard unit sharing many of the same abilities as Kroak albeit not as strong. The Gift from the Heaven ability is really nice for bestowing some increased defence against ranged attacks onto a nearby unit. Celestial Equilibrium is the Warscroll spell and can be cast to provide a casting bonus to other wizards in the army.

Saurus Oldbood on Carnosaur

This is a pretty straight forward Warscroll which makes ten attacks in total with various melee profiles. The standard Rend -1 across many of these attacks is not that impressive but there are ways to buff this using some of the Enhancements we’ve looked at above. The Ancient Warlord ability is pretty cool though and allows this unit to issue the same command up to two times in the same phase (and the second time is free!).

Saurus Oldblood

I really like this Warscroll, it’s a great force multiplier for Saurus Warriors or Saurus Guard units in your army. The Predatory Exemplar ability is very similar to the Lumineth Realm-Lords ability to select multiple units to fight rather than one. In this case you can select the Oldblood to fight you can also pick one of the aforementioned Saurus units to fight as well. In addition, its Wrath of the Seraphon ability also buffs the All-out Attack command to include a +1 to wound bonus for the rarget unit too! We also get our first glimpse of the Mighty Saurus Jaws ability is activated after the unit has attacks and can deal a number of mortal wounds to a nearby enemy unit.

Saurus Astrolith Bearer

This unit can buff casting rolls and range for nearby Seraphon Wizards in addition to granting neaby Seraphon units a 6+ ward save. Remember this units is a cosmic node in a Starborne army too so is a very useful Warscroll.

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur

Very similar to the Oldblood version but swaps out the Ancient Warlord ability for Maim and Tear which can be used at the end of the combat phase to inflict a number of mortal wounds.

Kroxigor Warspawned

The first of many new Warscrolls in new Battlertome, I really like them. They are pretty tanky with four wounds each and a 4+ base save (remember there are lots of ways to buff the save of your Seraphon). In addition they have the Heavy-scaled Skin ability which further improves their resilience to ranged attacks. This unit works really well alongside a Skink unit where its Skink Guidance and Spawn of Sotek abilities come into affect to provide a number of buffs to both units. Both the Drakefang or Starfang War-picks weapon options look like good ‘picks’ to be honest, both having Rend -2 with the choice between the two mainly about more damage or more attacks.


This unit is not quite so defensive as the Warspawned variety, nor does it have as much flat out offensive power with only Rend -1 on it’s melee profiles. Whilst it does retain the Skink Guidance ability which allows nearby Skink units to issue commands to it does not have the Spawn of Sotek ability which means it is not providing the +1 attack bonus to nearby Skink units. This unit I think is more focussed on fighting larger horde type units where its four attacks (causing two hits on a 6 thanks to the Sweeping Blows ability) become much more useful.

Kixi-Taka the Diviner

This and the rest of the Starblood Stalkers must be taken together as separate units in your army. The stand out ability on this Warscroll is Servant of the Starmasters which can be activated once per battle to potential switch off an enemy’s ability to contest an objective,


A pretty basic melee unit but it does gain the the ability to re-roll hits and wounds whilst within range of Kixi-Taka.

The Starblood Stalkers

The most interesting element of this Warscroll is the Sacred Duty ability which allows this unit to suffer wounds intended for either of the above Heroes. Useful for keeping Klaq-Trok in a fight I guess.

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Aggradon

Wow, this is a super unit. First we get a great melee profile with lots of Rend -2, Damage 2 attacks which can be further buffed via its Primal Rage ability and the Aggradon’s unique ‘Rage’ mechanic. You’ll start the game with 0 Rage but you’re able to increase this count each combat phase if you’re within 3″ of an enemy unit (although it will reset if you’re not). When attacking with the Aggradon’s melee weapons you can add the current Rage count to the number of attacks you’ll make, meaning a proper angry Saurus Scar-Veteran on Aggradon is making more attacks than an Oldblood on Carnosaur! In addition you have the Alpha Roar ability which can be used once per battle to increase other nearby Aggradon units Rage score by 1!

Aggradon Lancers

This unit shares a similar profile to the Scar-Veteran above albeit with slightly less attacks, Rend and damage. Primal Rage works in the same way and you’ll most likely want to include a Muscian for that +1 to run and charge rolls.

Saurus Warriors

This is the unit you want to get to an objective and hold it. With two wounds each and a 4+ save (which is improved by +1 if contesting an objective) they are pretty tanky, especially in a Coalesced army.

Saurus Guard

These are improved Warriors really, gaining a flat out 3+ save (but losing the bonus +1) and the Selfless Protectors ability which allows them to take wounds intended for nearby Heroes.

Skink Starseer

A nifty little Wizard unit able to cast and unbind two spells. Scry the Stars is a nice ability which can be activated once per battle to bestow a 5+ ward save on a number of Seraphon units (depending on the turn number). Celestial Doom is a great spell that can be used to just switch off an enemy unit’s own ward save.

Skink Starpriest

Another useful Wizard unit that provides a bit of utility to the army. Its Serpernt Staff can allow a nearby Seraphon unit to inflict mortal wounds on wound rolls of 6 (best used on those units that get a lot of attacks) whereas its Blazing Starlight spell can inflict a -1 penalty to an enemy unit’s hit rolls!

Skink Oracle on Troglodon

This is an interesting Warscoll combining casting and melee ability with some nice utility. Stench of Death is a nice -1 to hit debuff that applies automatically to nearby enemy units and can be combined with the Primordial Mire spell which prevents enemy units within range of the targeted terrain piece or objective from running or retreating and halves any charge rolle they may make.


A very fragile unit with a baked in bonus to the Redploy command allowing them to roll two dice and pick either result. There are lots of ways to buff Skink units in this book and they are a cheap Battleline unit.

Spawn of Chotec

Another new Warscroll, this one replacing the Salamanders and Razerdons of old. The unit has access to two types of ranged attack and you choose which one you want to use each time it shoots. Stream of Flame hits on a 2+ and makes a number of attacks equal to the number of models in the target unit (max 10), wounding on a 3+ with Rend -2 and damage 1! The Glob of Flame Acid attacks only once and hits on a 4+ making it a bit less reliable but if it does manage to inflict any wounds it will inflict a -1 save penalty on the target unit for the rest of the turn!

Raptadon Hunters

The first of the new Skink cavalry units, this one providing a very mobile ranged platform. The ranged profile itself is pretty good with two attack at 12″ (4+/4+/-2/1). What is great about both the Raptadon units is how well they synergise with each other. The Deadly Cohesion ability allows this unit to shoot an enemy unit in the charge phase provided that unit has been charged by a unit of Raptadon Chargers!

Raptadon Chargers

They certainly don’t hit as hard as the Aggradon Lancers, even with their Cold-Blooded Unity ability which sees them gain a +1 to hit bonus if they attack a unit that was shot by their fellow Raptadon Hunters. Their Geomantic Empowerment ability is quite nice which can up their damage to 2 if they target a unit that is contesting an objective or near any Arcane terrain features.

Hunters of Huanchi with Dartpipes

The Seraphon Warcry Warband has ben split into three distinct units with no requirement to take all three in your army. The Dartpipe variety are your ranged option with a fairly decent ranged profile albeit lacking any Rend but with a chance to inflict mortal wounds. Perfect Mimicry is a great ability which means they are not visible to enemy units from more than 12″ or whilst in cover. Chameleon Ambush is another nice ability which allows you to hold this unit in reserve deploy them in the movement phase (with the usual 9″ restriction).

Hunters of Huanchi with Starstone Bolas

This unit aslo seems quite fun with some surprising damage output for a unit of Skinks. One in five models can be armed with a Hunter Javelin which has a nice melee and ranged profile. They also have the Perfect Mimicry and Chameleon Ambush abilities and a nifity ability to ‘stun’ an enemy unit with their ranged weapons, subtracting 1 from hit rolls for attacks made by the stunned unit in the next combat phase.


These little terrors get a lot of fairly mundane attacks but they do have a couple of cool abilities. Nerve-shredding Screeches has a chance to disable an enemy unit’s ability to issue or receive commands whereas Symbiotic Relationship allows them to follow a unit of Hunters of Huanchi as they deploy from reserve.


The living tank returns with it’s 2+ save and option for either the impressive Solar Engine or Ark of Sotek weaponry. The Solar Engine has a nice ranged profile (3+/3+/-3/3) whereas the Ark gives you the ability to dish out lots of mortal wounds in melee.

Terradon Chief

This unit is best used in tandem with the Terradon Riders where its Coordinated Attack ability can allow said units to inflict a large number of mortal wounds with its Deadly Cargo ability.

Terradon Riders

A very mobile unit which is able to drop rocks on to enemy units as they fly over them and inflict mortal wounds.

Ripperdactyl Chief

Ripperdactyls are a much more aggressive unit than their Terradon counterparts with a fairly decent melee profile which is further improved via the Ripperdactyl Assault ability which adds additional attacks to other Ripperdactyl units. The Blot Toad also returns allowing you to almost mark a unit for death at the beginning of the game and provide a +1 to hit bonus when targeting that unit with your Ripperdactyl units.

Ripperdactyl Riders

Not much more to add here than what we have already covered above. The Tearing Jaws of the Ripperdactyl’s themselves are pretty nice with -1 Rend and 2 damage.

Stegadon Chief

A nice tanky unit which provides a number of buffs for nearby Skink units such as Coordinated Strike which allows this unit to issue a command to a Skink unit for free. The unit’s Sunfire Throwers weapon is very nice with a chance to inflict a large number of mortal wounds on larger units.


Very similar to the Chief variety but lacking the Coordinated Strike ability.

Engine of the Gods

A super support unit for a Seraphon army. During the Shooting Phase you can either charge up or harness the energy stored in the Cosmic Engine. If you choose the latter you roll 2D6 and compare the result to the chart on the Warscroll. Depending on what you roll you’re able to heal friendly units, deal mortal wounds to enemy units, bestow the strike-first effect on nearby Seraphon units and even summon new Saurus Warior or Skink Cohort units to the battlefield. You can choose to charge up the engine instead of harnessing and this allows you to roll 3D6 rather than 2D6 in the next Shooting Phase. You have to be a bit careful though as on the higher rolls the unit starts to take some mortal wounds itself.

Starborne Realmshaper Engine

The Starborne’s version of the faction terrain gives you the chance to inflict mortal wounds on enemy units within range of another terrain piece during your Hero Phase. If the select terrain piece is within 18″ of the Realmshaper Engine you can improve this chance.

Coalesced Realmshaper Engine

The Coalesced’s version of the faction terrain piece is much stronger in my opinion. It not only improves the ‘Jaws’ abilities of nearby Serapon units but also allows you to use the top row of damage tables for nearby monsters, regardless of how many wounds they have suffered!

Path To Glory

Like other 3rd edition Battletomes the Seraphon get access to the usual mix of Path to Glory content such as Quests, Territories, Veteran Abilities, Heroic Upgrades and Battleplans. In addition there is a cool Sacred Spawning mechanic which allows you to spend Glory Points to add a unit marked for greatness by one of the Old Ones themselves. There are a number of Sacred Spawnings to choose from, such as Sotek which adds 1 to the attacks characteristic of the unit’s melee weapons on the charge or Tepok which grants a 6+ ward save to the unit. You’re able to add an increased number of Sacred Spawnings to your army as you accrue Renown and Glory Points.

Seraphon Army Set Model Review

It’s not just the new Battletome that you’ll find in the new Army Set, there is also a selection of new kits from the update Seraphon Range. Games Workshop sent Sprues and Brews the new Slann Starmaster, Saurus Warriors and Raptadon Hunters and Chargers to take a look at.

On the whole the models were great fun to put together and the end results look great. The sprues for both the Saurus and Raptadon units are very well laid out and it’s great that the shields can be left on the sprue to allow you to paint them separately.

The Saurus Warriors can be armed with aither shields or clubs and all have really dynamic and aggressive looking poses. You get a few options for the banner too.

The Raptadons can be built as either Chargers or Hunters (determined by the weapon loadout) and whilst there is not much flexibility in terms of customisation options the end result is a varied and exciting looking unit. The Raptadons themselves look great and are very easy to put together.

Then we have Slann and let me first start by saying this model I had a bit of difficulty putting this model together. It individual components are very detailed and the throne itself is made up of numerous individual parts, I found it a but fiddly and sometimes difficult to follow the instructions. That said the end result is fantastic, easily my favourite model from the Army Set. I was pleasantly surprised by how much customisation was possible on this kit – it’s possible to build several variations on the Slann itself with various arm, head and equipment options. On top of that you can build two different Skink attendants and position them in various locations on the model.

There are also several different ways to customise the throne itself using a choice of different plaques and tablets across the model in addition to placing various frogs and snake like beasts! Overall the new Seraphon range is shaping up to be very exciting!


I’m really impressed with both the Battletome and new model range we get in the new Seraphon Army Set. The army itself I think will certainly be able to hold its own on the tabletop with some very strong synergies between the different Warscrolls and wider army abilities. Seraphon have powerful tools to use in each phase of the game and will be a very mobile, resilient and powerful force on the battlefield. I’m especially excited to play around with the various buff/debuff mechanics that the Seraphon have access to, shutting down powerful enemy units by reducing their rend or making it much more difficult for them to score wounds for example.

On the model front I’m also really impressed with kits we’ve been able to build up so far (despire some trouble putting the Slann together). I’m really looking forward for the rest of the range later this year!

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