Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep Review

We’ve been spoilt for Underworld’s content recently with multiple new Warbands and the multiplayer Arena Mortis expansion. Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep is the new core box for this latest season of […]

Nurgling Plush coming in October!

Several online retailers including thekoyostore.com, merchoid.com and justplaygames.uk are now taking pre-orders for the new Nurgling Plush toy! Price seems to be around the £14.99 mark with a shipping date […]

Eldfall Chronicles – Kickstarter Review

We’ve been very excited about Eldfall Chronicles, a brand new Fantasy Tabletop Skirmish Game from Freecompany currently live on Kickstarter ever since we caught glimpse of it earlier in the […]