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Warcry Centaurion Marshal Unboxing and Review – Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Terrifying monsters that lead the Be’lakor’s mortal forces, the Centaurions act as his Marshals and taskmasters when assembling his armies of Slaves to Darkness. Up for pre order today is the Centaurion Marshal, a brand new monster option for games of Warcry! In this post we will be checking out, unboxing and reviewing the new Centaurion Marshal and taking a look at how he looks when assembled and painted!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us a free review copy of the Centaurion Marshel to check out with you all! If you would like to support the site then why not use our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too!

I have also filmed a full unboxing video to go alongside this post which you can see below or over on YouTube

So let’s take a look at what you get in the box!

Similar to other monsters released for Warcry we get a box containing the model and the rules to use him in battles

Covering 2 sprues with some fairly chunky parts the Centaurion is a nice and easy build and was enjoyable to put together

Full instructions are included, but it really is very straightforward and didnt take long to build at all, which is great considering it is quite a sizeable model!

Standing alongside a Chaos Legionnaire you can see he is a pretty big guy and looks awesome armed with his various weapons! I’ve been working on this guy following the Heart of Ghur scenery and I have really enjoyed painting him up and look forward to finishing it off – colour scheme wise I wanted him to match the Chaos Legionnaires as I wanted him to accompany them to battle in both games of Warcry and Age of Sigmar as they fot thematically together

Stat cards are included in the box with his rules, and I have to say he hits like a truck, clocking 35 wounds and fast with a move of 10 he is going to get where he needs to be, and his Strength 6 spear is going to hurt most targets while his club does reliable damage with a decent critical spike! As far as his abilities they all key around control with his net able to stop targets disengaging and his skewer abilities dragging an unlucky target towards him on a critical following a free attack! Looks like he will be great fun to use on the tabletop!

For Age of Sigmar players, Warhammer Community have also provided free warscrolls to Centaurion Marshals in your games! And again I really like him, not too expensive at 145 points but having 10 wounds and some decent attacks and support abilities – in particular his ability to Rally undivided mortal units on a 5+ makes him great at keeping your units of Chaos Legionnaires still fighting despite their low numbers! He also has a fun ability where he increases his attacks for each successful hit from his spear! I really like this guy and look forward to using him in my games!

The Centaurion Marshal is up for pre order today and is released Saturday 27th August

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews with a free copy for review purpoeses.

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