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Warhammer 40k Prophecy of the Wolf Unboxing and Review

Can you believe it’s been two months since Prophecy of the Wolf went up for pre order? With the worldwide pandemic closing a lot of places it has meant that we’ve been waiting for this box for a long time now! But rejoice, Games Workshop orders are starting to head out into the world, and I finally got my hands on the new Prophecy of the Wolf box!

Eager to get Ghazghkull build and ready for battle, I tore into our unboxing video below!

Exciting stuff, eh?

So what do I think of the set?

Well, for starters you get two brand spanking new models in the form of Ragnar Blackmane and Ghazghkull Thraka!



Both of these kits are cool, really cool! Ghazghkull in particular is an absolutely massive model that blows the previous model out of the water – made all the more better by the fact that it includes his standard bearer Makari on the frame! That little Grot is the reason I bought the original metal model back in the day, and I’m keen to see how I can build him into a Rebel Grot army…


Ragnar likewise is a great re-imaging of his model that brings him inline with the new Primaris scale characters. He’s also dripping with Space Wolf personality with lots of cool little touches on the model that look like they will be great fun to paint up!

In addition to the new models, you also get a pretty good selection of models to support them! For the Space Wolves you get the very recent Primaris Infiltrators kit, which is one of my favourite sets from the recent Codex release


While for the Orks you get a set of Nobz and Meganobz – while the Nobz are a little dated now, the Meganobz are a brilliant kit with lots of options! Both work well to have in a Goff detachment alongside Ghazghkull in order to buff their attacks further!

20200516_1209433360689167489177956.jpg 20200516_1209574457098074830601788.jpg

Finally you also get a 32 page supplement that contains the narrative of this conflict as part of the Psychic Awakening story line, some scenarios based around the forces in the box and also full rules and points costs for everything inside!


Prophecy of the Wolf retails at £105, but can be picked up for just £84 from our affiliate Element Games which is great value considering that if you bought all the non-character kits in the box it would cost you £90.50! Add the values of the characters to this and you are making a great saving with this set!

I’m looking forward to adding a Goffs Detachment to my Evil Sunz army, so keep an eye on Twitter to watch my progress with it!

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