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Necromunda Enforcer Sanctioner Pattern Automata Unboxing and Review

I am the Law(tomata)! On Necromunda, if a Palanite Enforcer is critically injured then there is the chance that their cranial remains get inserted into a Sanctioner Pattern Automata, a robotic cop destined to serve and protect long after their untimely demise (I’m sure I’ve seen this film…)

Today, the Sanctioner is up for pre order, and we have one to unbox, paint up and review here on the site!

Massive thanks to games Workshop for sending us a free review copy to check out! If you would like to help support the site then why not order yours through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself 20%

We also have a Patreon now live!

I’ve done a full unboxing video of the Sanctioner which you can see below or over on YouTube

Our full review of The Vaults of Temenos will be coming in the week, sadly it arrived a little late to make the deadline for today, so stay tuned to the site early next week!

Enforcer Sanctioner Pattern Automata Unboxing and Review

Like with most of the brute plastics that we have seen for Necromunda, the Sanctioners come two to a box with two duplicate frames with a range of weapon options. Rules are not included in the box unfortunately, and these come in the Vaults of Temenos book, which is also up for pre order today. This is a shame considering even Necromunda blisters tend to have the rules included.

The frames are jam packed however, and include a range of different parts – the instructions also show you can build the legs and feet in a couple of different poses, allowing you to have two different looking ones. Some skilled modelers may be able to build this in such a way that magnetising and swapping the weapons is possible, but in the end I just decided to build it fixed

The models themselves are great fun to paint up, and I really want to do a small Enforcer gang to march alongside him and clean up the criminal scum of Necromunda!

From a rules point of view they are an Enforcers only brute (With a max limit of 2 per gang) clocking in at 205 credits before upgrades. base they come with the first and Shock Baton, but can be given a range of different weapons from the Concussion Cannon (a medium range 3″ blast with knockdown, concussive and seismic) for 80 credits, the Shock Ram (powerful close combat weapon with an integrated grenade launcher) for 40 credits or the Man Catcher (Template weapon with Web) for 100 credits.

They also have grenade launchers built into them that can be upgraded with a range of options

Base they come with light carapace armour, but this can be upgraded to Heavy

They also have a couple of fun rules – firstly, they repair themselves! Each turn they get to remove a flesh wound, keeping them kicking around longer on the battlefield. Secondly, other enforcers can use them as a shield, gaining the benefits of heavy cover if they are obscured by it (Making two of them advancing in front of your cops a decent and thematic thing!

I love these things and can’t wait to see them on the tabletop!

The Sanctioners are up for pre order today and are released Saturday 8th April

Games workshop provided Sprues & Brews with a free copy for review purposes.

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