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Necromunda Gorshiv Hammerfist, Escher Shivver and Apprentice Clan Chymist Unboxing

Lots of hangers on and hired guns have rules but no models yet, but today a couple more get released from Forge World to expand your gangs! In this post today we’ll be taking a look at the new Gorshiv Hammerfist, the Escher Shivver and Apprentice Clan Chymist from Forge World! We’ll also be painting up the models and seeing what they look like in the flesh!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us early free review copies to check out on the site! If you would like to support the site then why not order your Necromunda goodies through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself money too?

We also have a full video unboxing of these, which you can check out below or over on YouTube

So let’s take a look at the models!

Both models are from Forge World – if you haven’t built any Forge World kits before just make sure you give them a good clean in soapy water first, as this helps remove the release agent that is used to pop the models out of the mold they are cast in! If you don’t do this then you might find your paint doesnt adhere quite as well.

Up first we have the Escher Shivver and Apprentice Clan Chymist – both packaged together in a single blister. There’s not many parts however the Shivver in particular is a little fiddly – I would recommend keeping the head, hair and veil as a separate part if you can, as this will make it much easier to paint her!

She’s a really nice model though, and it was fun working on a few different textures and colours. I’m looking to start an Escher gang for the new year, so this was a nice way of trying out some ideas!

Equally I had great fun painting up the Chymist – she needs a few bits tidying up, but happy with her so far!

The real star of the show however has to be Gorshiv! He is an absolute beast! Hefting two hammers and stimmed up to the eyeballs he’ll look great alongside any gang!

He was also loads of fun to paint up, and like with the Escher girls I’ve now got a massive urge to paint some Goliaths!

Are you tempted to pick up any of these new models? Let us know!

These models are up for pre order today from Forge World and are released on Saturday 10th December

Games Workshop sent Sprues and Brews free copies for review purposes

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