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Forge World Ka’Bandha Unboxing – Warhammer The Horus Heresy

Today at the Warhammer World Horus Heresy Open Day, Forge World had the brand new Ka’bandha Daemon general of Signus available to attendees! And as resident Daemon fan, I just had to pick him up! Below I have filed a full unboxing where we go through the kit, take a look at the parts and how it goes together! You can also find this over on our YouTube channel!

So let’s take a look at what you get! First things first, this had a price tag of £215 making him the most expensive Forge World Daemon model after the Exhalated Bloodthirster – though it does look like an amazing sculpt, so looking forward to building and painting him!

As he is a tad big for the Collectors Series boxes, Ka’bandha just comes in a standard Forge World box (We don’t know if any of this will be rebranded for the new Horus Heresy release, but we suspect not)

Ka’Bandha comes on an Imperial Knight base, giving him a decent footprint, and in contrast to the Exhaulted Bloodthirster his whip fits within the confines of the base making it less difficult to position him on the battlefield

Paging through the above images you can see that he comes in a lot of parts, however the main body is quite simple to put together with the majority of bits being for the wings and weapons! It’s also worth pointing out that Ka’Bandha comes with an optional face mask too – though I’ll be building his with the standard face!

We will be getting this one built and painted as soon as possible, but here’s some images from the studio one on display at the show, and I have to say he is an absolutely gorgeous model towering over the marines in from of him!

We don’t know when Ka’bandha is on general release, but general consensus at the show was it was a while away – so this will perhaps arrive after the new Warhammer The Horus Heresy Age of Darkness boxed set. I do wonder if he will land when the Daemons of the Ruinstorm get their new rules.

We will make another post once Ka’bandha is complete and painted – so make sure to stay tuned to the site!

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