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Necron Night Shroud Bomber Forge World Unboxing

In today’s unboxing video we check out the Necron Night Shroud Bomber from Forge World!

With all the excitement about the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k and the upcoming Indomitus Launch Box, I’ve had a craving to get a Necron army on the go before the inevitable new codex!

The Night Shroud is a gorgeous it, and bar a little bit of bending needed on one of the wings it went together like a dream!


The core of the kit uses the plastic Necron Night Scythe and then has additional resin components in order to change the profile and create the Night Shroud Bomber!

Cant wait to get some paint on this thing and hit the battlefield!

The Night Shroud is available from Forge World for £83

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