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Category: Audio

Podcast: Episode 187 | Echo…

On this week’s episode Dave and Jay discuss the latest Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battlebox, Echoes of Doom! What exactly are our favourite paints? You shall find out in this […]

Podcast: Episode 186 | Khaine!

It appears I’m having issues with my microphone and/or internet connection, so my audio in particular is poor this week. I am trying to correct before next weeks show. My […]

Podcast: Episode 181 | SQUATS!

Apologies for the slight audio quality consistency this week folks! Who would have thought it?! (Well, Matt has for ages) Squats (now named the Leagues of Votann) are coming back […]

Podcast: Episode 180 | Adepti-wow

Well, the Adepticon reveals were tasty! Needless to say, we wax lyrical about what we saw on this week’s episode. The new edition of Horus Heresy! THAT Necromunda box! Beer […]

Podcast: Episode 179 | Nachmund!

On this week’s podcast episode we delve into the dangerous warzone that is Nachmund. The latest Kill Team expansion has been reviewed by Matt, who takes us through the highlights […]