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Category: Audio

Podcast: Episode 204 | Hobby on a Budget

** Apologies once again. It appears that my mic likes to lower its volume post-test! Hopefully will be sorted for next episode!** On this week’s podcast episode Andy asks us […]

Podcast: Episode 203 | Gift of Change

Matt has literally an arcane tome in his hands this week, in the form of the brand new Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome! He takes us through the […]

Podcast: Episode 201 | NOVAtime

Apologies for the lateness! WIth the amount of video editing and stuff I’m afraid I’ve been so editing this last week’s episode. However it’s here now and Episode 202 will […]

Podcast: Episode 200!

It’s here! Our 200th Podcast!  But wait…what happened to Dave at the end of episode 199? Rumour has it the podcast is in danger. Will Matt chuck it all in?! […]

Podcast: Episode 199 | Arcane Overcharged

Episode 199! The podcast before the big milestone. But wait…the ending of this week’s episode sounds…ominous?  On this week’s episode we have loads to chat about, include Matt’s participation on […]

Podcast: Episode 198 | Mechanicum

Sorry once again for the delay. Had some technical issues (which transpired to be of my own doing as I was trying to tweak audio quality!). The Mechanicum march to […]