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Category: Audio

Podcast: Episode 164 | Tournament Top Tips

Our very own tournament veteran, Andy, takes us through his top tips for prepping for and playing in a Warhammer tournament, including making sure you have spare tape measures and […]

Podcast: Episode 162 | Critical Mass

On what is probably one of our longest podcast episodes, we’ve got lots to get through! First and foremost we take a look through the second Octarius supplement book for […]

Podcast: Episode 161 | Monkey Business

In this week’s episode we check out the brand new Warhammer 40k Kill Team Chalnath box, discussing the new Kill Teams and the included supplement.  Our Top 3 has us […]

Podcast: Episode 159 | Containment

On this week’s show we delve into War Zone Ocatarius, Book 1: The Rising Tide as well as the new Crusade supplement, Containment, both for Warhammer 40,000! With Warhammer Underworlds […]

Podcast: Episode 157: Go Team!

On this week’s show we can’t help but get excited, as we’ve got tickets to our first team event at Warhammer World playing Age of Sigmar!  What armies will we […]

Podcast: Episode 156 | Aftermath

For the first time in AGES we got to take part in a tournament! Our local gaming group, the Purple Sparkly Unicorns, put on a two day Age of Sigmar […]