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Dog Might Games Valhalla GM Screen Unboxing and First Impressions

Have you ever been running a session of a Roleplaying Game and thought that your card stock GM screen doesn’t quite cut it or match the awesome ambiance of the session? Do you want to roll dice in style, while having some awesome features such as swap-able maps and artwork?

Well, Dog Might Games very kindly sent us a free review copy of their gorgeous Valhalla GM screen to check out on the site! This is a very cool premium GM screen with lots of magnetic wizardry to allow you to swap out not only useful GM stats, but also change maps, artwork and more on the front of the screen thanks to magnetic windows!

For such an epic GM screen we want to get some games in before we jump into the full review – but we’ve filmed a full unboxing and first impressions vid below or over on YouTube! Stay tuned to the site for the few review once we have got our teeth into it

If you would like to support the site then why not order your RPG supplies through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some cash too! Alternatively why not check out our Patreon?

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