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Ork Goff Rocker Unboxing and Review – Warhammer 40k

Christmas is only 6 weeks away! And ever year, Games Workshop puts out a liited edition model that is available over the festive period. In previous years we have had Da Red Gobbo, and even a Noise Marine, but today the awesome Ork Goff Rocker is up for pre order! In this post we will be taking a look at the kit, unboxing and painting up the new model!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us a free review copy a little ahead of time to check out and paint! If you would like to support the site then why not order your Goff Rocker through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself a little money too!

I have also filmed a full unboxing and showcase of the model which you can see below or over on YouTube!

So grab your guitar, plug in your Amp-Squig and let’s get rocking!

This model really hits all the nostalgia vibes for me – I was a massive fan of the classic Orks with guitars, so to see this reimagined as a plastic kit really excited me! I just need a whole band of these now…

Inside the box is a dingle sprue containing the miniature, base and full instructions – unlike some of these collector models there are no rules in the box, however I believe White Dwarf will include a fun scenario for you to use him in!

The model was a real joy to paint up, and really captured the spirit of the classic model – I just love every element of this from the grenade microphone, to the guitar or the Amp Squig – its just a really fun model!

Will you be picking up this year’s Axe wielding Christmas model? Let us know!

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