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Leagues of Votann Unboxing and Review – 2nd Wave

Reinforcements for the Leagues of Votann are enroute with a massive 2nd wave of miniatures up for preorder today. Thank you to Games Workshop for sending us free review copies of the entire Leagues of Votann range for us to take a close look at. As mentioned the models are now up for preorder on the Games Workshop website but if you would like to support the site then why not order your Kin reinforcements through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too!

In this post we’ll take a closer look at the each of the new units, their sprue options and builds. We’ve manage to find some time to put together the kits (and even get some paint down too) so be sure to check out the images below. We’ve also filmed a short video where we have a good look at the different sprues which you may also find informative.


First up we have the Grimnyr, a sort of re-imagined Dwarf Runepriest for Warhammer 40,000. The box includes enough parts to build a Grimnyr with accompanying CORV ‘familiars’.

You have the option of building either a male or female version of the Grimnyr, this being the only element of customisation ‘out of the box’. The CORV models themselves are mounted on the curved plastic flight stands, similar to those found in the Sisters of Battle range. This can mean painting the little robots a bit of a pain and I’d recommend pinning them to old paint brush or stick and spraying them separate to the clear stand.

There is some lovely detail on this unit, from the patterns across the robes to the stylised Votann head on top of the Grimnyr’s staff.

Brokhyr Iron-master

This unit was great fun to put together, there are so many interesting and characterful details across the different models. You don’t get too many options in terms of customisation, really limited to whether you wan the goggles over the eyes or raise over the forhead, but I don’t think that is too much of a problem due to the variety of details sculpted across the unit.

In contrast to the Grimnyr, the drone like ECOGs here are attached to the bases via scultpted detail (piping, metal girders etc.). This makes them much easier to put together and paint.

Einhyr Hearthguard

This kit was a joy to build, I choose the build these with the concussion gauntlets and etacarn plasma guns to hunt down elite units and I do want some more with plasma blades – Andy

Cthonian Beserks

The Cthonian Berserks are a really interesting and unique looking unit and contains a lot more flexibility in terms of build options when compared to some of the other kits we’ve reviewed today – you get a variety of different weapon options and heads on the sprues.

The models themselves are a little bit fiddly to put together with some delicate cabling that encompasses the models, take care not snap. That said the end result is a really dynamic looking set of miniatures, charging into combat weapons ready to swing!


The Sagitaur is a great kit to build as it goes together very simply, I built mine with the hylas beam cannon to go tank hunting in games but the connection point for the turret weapon is done in a way that makes it very easy to magnetise which is why I haven’t glued mine in – Andy

Brokhyr Thunderkyn

These heavy gun carrying Votann were a bit fiddly to put together initially but after the first it was a lot easier, my advice do not glue the guns on otherwise you won’t be able to get to the details behind the gun very easily at all -Andy

Hekaton Land Fortress

The Hekaton Land Fortress is stunning centrepiece model for the range and it was great fun to put this together. The build itself is pretty straight forward, you can see from the sprue images themselves that the build consists of several large pieces which means it does not take too long before you start seeing the model take shape in front of you. There are no fiddly tracked pieces and the entire kit was very straight forward to put together. I’d really recommend leaving the wheels and some of the other components (such asthe Ironkin and Kin pilots and certain sections of the interior cockpit) separate to paint as subassemblies.

There is plenty of customisation options for you to play around with whilst putting the Land Fortress together. You get a choice of primary and secondary weapons and some freedom to place them in different positions across the model. I built mine here with a scanner unit enclosed in a plastic canopy but I could have equally placed the secondary weapon in this position or swapped it out for one the unique missile systems instead. The unique plastic canopies were also really interesting to put together and paint (the big one at the front is actually in two parts). There are some interesting details across the model as well, from the Ironkin co-pilots and their little servator like appendages to the tow bar at the rear of the vehicle, hinting at that squat land train ancestry .

I’m really impressed with the Leagues of Votann range, it’s packed full of characterful miniatures and details and really has a very unique and distinct aesthetic. I’ll be working hard over the next few weeks to add to my fledgling Neo-Karak Conglomerate force ready for the Sprues and Brews Crusade!

All the models reviewed above are available for preorder today with a release date of November 5th. Thanks again to Games Workshop for providing Sprues and Brews with advance copies of the above kits for review purposes.

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