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Chaos Space Marines Chaos Cultists (2022) Unboxing – Warhammer 40k

It is not just the Astartes that fell to Chaos – Mortal Men felt the pull of the Dark Gods and so formed cults in fanatical support to their Daemonic deities. The Chaos Cultists, up for pre order today, allow you to put together some mortal support to your Chaos Space Marine army. In this post we will be taking a look at the sprues, how they go together and also checking out the finished painted models!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us a free review copy to check out with you guys, If you would like to support the site then why not order your Chaos Cultists through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself money too!

We have also filmed a full unboxing which you can check out below or over on YouTube

Now, firstly – you might be asking “Isn’t there already a Chaos Cultist kit?” and you’d be right! There’s currently a set here that uses the kits out of Blackstone Fortress and contains each of the 3 special weapon options (Assuming you use the Firebrand as a flamer) – for padding out basic cultists however is where this new kit comes in…

You’ll see from the box art that this kit doesn’t actually contain any of the special weapons available to the Chaos Cultists – meaning that if you want to have any special weapons in your Cultist squad you are going to have to use a combination of both the old kit plus this new one. Of course, if you want to run a barebones squad then this kit is perfect, and gives you lots of variety in sculpts when mixed alongside the older kit.

It’s a pretty jam packed frame, and there are actually a couple of alternate body poses to add some variety – However it is a shame that space was not used to include the special weapons as an option, as that would mean combined with the existing kit you would be able to have the maximum weapon options – where at the moment you would have to either double up on the Blackstone kit or do a little converting.

Grumbles about lack of weapons aside, this is a gorgeous kit and was an absolute joy to paint up. I have a feeling that these models will actually be picked up by Necromunda players, as they are perfect for a Chaos gang, hired guns or hive scum! The variety of basic weapons they are armed with also lends itself to this! I also feel these will be useful for Horus Heresy when the Militia and Cults list gets released, as these models will be perfect for filling out your force!

The Chaos Cultists are up for pre order today and are released Saturday 30th July

Games Workshop sent Sprues and Brews a free copy for review purposes.

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