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Next Week’s Pre Orders – Codex Aeldari! The Eldar return with ace new models!

The wait is over! The much anticipated Eldar release kicks off next week with Codex Aeldari and the first kits in the new plastic range! If you would like to help support the site then why not order through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself 20% too? Here’s all the details from Warhammer Community!

Codex: Aeldari


Codex: Aeldari has 200 pages absolutely crammed full of Aeldari content, with rules for Asuryani, Ynnari, and Harlequins, alongside a cornucopia of lore and many beautiful photos of their incredible miniatures. At only eight pages shorter than Codex: Space Marines, it contains a hefty campaign section, five separate psychic disciplines, and datasheets covering the Guardian foot-troops all the way to towering Wraithknights.

This is also available in a limited collector’s edition with a soft-touch cover and silver foil blocking to show off that gorgeous new artwork, as well as printed page edges and a black ribbon marker.

Maugan Ra

Maugan Ra

The reborn Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra is next up. Very few ever get to see him up close, so count yourselves lucky. Armed with his iconic scythed shuriken cannon, the Maugetar, he’s a multi-disciplinary demon on the battlefield.

Dark Reapers

Dark Reapers

This lethal and legendary Phoenix Lord is the progenitor of the Dark Reapers, an Aspect that wages war by unleashing devastating long-ranged salvos. These skeleton-faced folk get an all-new plastic kit, with a range of head options, and an Exarch with a choice of tempest launcher, Aeldari missile launcher, shuriken cannon, or reaper launcher.



While might is almost always right in the 41st Millennium, it doesn’t always need to be delivered from the barrel of a warm gun. The Aeldari are expert psykers, scrying runes and launching eldritch bolts at their foes. The vanguard of these brain-geniuses are the Warlocks, who often go to battle in conclaves, overwhelming their opponents with potent psychic energy.



As a dying race struggling for survival, every Aeldari who can fight, must fight. Those who don’t walk a specific warrior Path don armour and fight as Guardians, defending their craftworlds to the bitter end. These come in two flavours, Guardian Defenders – who wield deadly shuriken catapults and come with a heavy weapons platform, and Storm Guardians – a close-combat focused militia who fight under the protection of a Serpent Shield. Whichever you pick, they will likely be the bulk of your Aeldari armies.

Dice and Datacards

Aeldari Dice and Data Cards

You can display your love of all things Aeldari on the table with this set of gem-effect dice, complete with an Aeldari rune on the six – perfect for rolling your Strands of Fate pool every turn.

Unsurprisingly, Codex: Aeldari contains a ton of Stratagems and psychic powers, given that it crams in three whole armies. In order to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by the choice, forced to flip through your book like a young Warlock prepping for his Path exams, grab this pack of 93 reference cards.*

The Trimuviate of Ynnead

As the latest Aeldari faction to arise, the Ynnari have access to three powerful Characters who are available separately for the first time.


First up is Yvraine, the emissary of Ynnead, the god of death. A powerful psyker in her own right, she also wields one of the powerful Croneswords – and has a nice Gyrinx.


Despite her psychic presence and fearsome swordsmanship, Yvraine is always accompanied by her loyal bodyguard, the Visarch. Also armed with a Cronesword, he’s clad in a suit of Bel-Anshoc armour from which he can draw upon various personalities of past wearers. If your foes want to take a swipe at Yvraine, then the Visarch will be there to meet them in bloody combat.


While the Asuryani await the return of a red-hot new Avatar, the murderous manifestation of Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Ynnari have the Yncarne, the herald of the God of the Dead, who appears in a whirl of freezing ectoplasm. This chilling entity is exceptionally deadly on the battlefield and the perfect heavy-hitter for your Ynnari forces.

MiddleEarth 600Wide LOGO

That’s everything for the Aeldari – for now. It’s high time to hop from one ancient and mysterious race to another, universes apart. It’s the Easterlings.

Rutabi and Brórgîr

Rutabi and Brórgîr

Here’s your chance to lead the Rhûnnish Dragon Cults into battle with two Easterling Heroes. Personally trained by the Dragon Emperor himself, Rutabi is a powerful Hero and one of the foremost Easterling generals.

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