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Blood Bowl Skull-Tribe Slaughterers Khorne Blood Bowl Team, Accessories and Spike 13 Unboxing

Hello again sports fans! We are back with an unboxing of the new Khorne Blood Bowl team the Skull-Tribe Slaughterers and their accessories and Spike! Magazine issue 13!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending over these free copies for us to share with you all!

If you would like to support the site then why not order the new team through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too!

Still with us? Then sit back and watch the unboxing below live on Cabel Vision

The star of the show are the new Blood Bowl team, the Skull-Tribe Slaughterers! Just check out those sprues below!

So what are the team like? Well as you would imagine from a Khorne team they are a little on the aggressive side, and surprisingly they do not start with block on any player, instead favouring Frenzy – making them very offensive but a little easy to lead into bad positions against a canny player!

Either way, they should be great fun for a non-nonsense team ideal at cracking heads and taking names (and presumably skulls) in the name of their patron Khorne!

The above cards are from the Khorne Card Team Pack with includes both these player stat cards, a set of blank ones that can be used to track changing stats and skills during a league, special play cards and some star player cards that you can see below (Including one for everyone’s favourite blood thirsty squirrel, Akhorne!

Games Workshop also sent us the new Khorne dice and Pitch sets!

The dice sport the rune of Khorne on the six and are in a gorgeous slightly metallic red.

While the pitch is double sided, the first being festooned with skulls and the reverse being slick with blood – Would you expect anything different from a stadium built in the honour of Khone? Also included are two dugouts which are again double sided with a “clean” and blood slicked version. This is a gorgeous pitch, but I do have a slight criticism that the squares can be a little hard to make out against the backdrop of skulls.

The final part of the release is Spike! Magazine issue 13 – If you have not read a Spike! (I feel the exclamation point is an important part of the title!) before then this is essentially a tongue in cheek “in-universe” fanzine with everything you would expect from a footie mag including interviews with players, history about classic teams and thoughts on how the Khorne players are performing at the moment. From a gaming perspective you get the full rules for the positional and star players and their gold costs. Something which is really cool for new players is a full detailed guide on how is best to use the team along with a suggested starting team (Which can be built using just the models in a single plastic Khorne team set) and even suggested layouts for both offensive and defensive drives – something that is massively helpful information when using a new team. While this is far from a required purchase (Full team rules are included in the boxed miniatures) I feel this is a fun addition that really adds some flavour to your team and is really funny too!

It’s good to see another new team added for Blood Bowl, and I hope that we see some more sooner rather than later, as it has been quite an empty stretch from the previous new edition releases this time last year as far as new teams go!

The Khorne Team for Blood Bowl is currently up for pre order and is released on Saturday

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews a copy for review purposes.

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