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Warhammer 40k Ork Kill Rig Unboxing and Size Comparison

There are a host of new Ork kits up for pre order today, making up the final wave of releases alongside the new Ork Codex. One that a lot of people have been looking forward to however is the Kill Rig, arguably one of the best units in the book with its tank/transport/character/psyker/shooty/brawler profile making it a jack of all trades and a master of, well most of them!

Games Workshop sent us a free Kill Rig a little early to unbox and show off for you guys, so you can see what exactly is in the kit and just how big it is! Check out out video below, or read on for more thoughts and images!

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It’s fair to say that the Kill Rig is probably the centrepiece of this wave of Orks, and on opening the box you see the kit is made up of 2 big sprues and a little one, along with a Knight base, a base for the Wurrboy (If you take him on foot) and a transfer sheet.

Glancing at the instructions in the above video I initially thought it didn’t look too difficult to put together, but after actually building it you do have to be a little careful – In step 2a watch out when building the staggered platform of the vehicle itself as the instructions actually tell you to attach the struts to another part rather than the locator they actually go into – GW are normally excellent at getting replacement instructions up on the website, but just in case I’ve marked below where they should actually go! The entire build probably took two nights around filming the video itself, just take your time and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Another piece of advice is leave the entire thing in subassemblies – I had a number: the chassis itself, the squig, each of the guns, the Wurrboy tower, the cockpit and each of the Orks. This will make it much easier to paint and get your brush into those difficult to reach areas! I have to say it looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to get some paint onto it!

So how does it stack up against other Ork vehicles?

From the images above you can see that it is around the size of a Battlewagon with roller, and even though its on a massive Knight base it easily spills over the side of it! I’m a massive fan of bases on vehicles (I’ve based all my Trukks!) and I feel that having a base really finishes this off and makes it feel more complete than it would without it. That said, I do wonder if we will get even bigger bases than this Knight base in the future as kits get more impressive!

This is one of those units that has not only an ace model, but a great profile in game to go with it – so I can see both gamers and hobbyists being eager to grab one of these off the shelves as soon as it is released! While waiting for the unboxing video to render I rushed outside to spray up the subassemblies and will be eagerly getting the paints out over the weekend to start work on this gorgeous kit – And I’ll update this article with finished painted images as soon as it is done!

The Kill Rig is up for pre order today and is released next weekend!

Games Workshop sent Sprues & Brews a free copy for review purposes.

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  1. It’s interesting – I’m glad they’re adding new kits to the ork range. I dunno why I just don’t care for this one that much. I might get it later for conversion-ability. Something about the squig is just off for me. Still, appreciate the overview and especially the size comparison! thanks much!


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