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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Extremis Terrain and Orruk Warclans Paint Set Unboxing and Review

As the Dawnbringer Crusades advance across the Mortal Realms, the peoples of Sigmar leave mighty pre fabricated cities in their wake in order to give the forces of Order a Bastian out in the wilds of Ghur. In both the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Extremis Starter Set and the Realmscape Expansion Set (Both up for pre order today) Ganmes Workshop brings these awesome buildings to the tabletop!

In today’s review and unboxing we check out these new scenery kits alongside the new Orruk Warclans Paint Set, which gives new painters everything they need to get their Gutrippaz ready to hit the battlefield! Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us free copies a little early to review!

If you would like to support the site then why not order your copy through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself money too!

You can also check out our YouTube video below showing the gorgeous new kits both on the sprue and once they are built!

Extremis Dawnbringer Crusade Terrain

Games Workshop have been putting out some really excellent terrain over the last few years, and the latest set is no exception. Contained within the Extremis set and the Expansion box, the Dawnbringer Crusade Terrain represents the fledgling cities being constructed as the Dawnringer Crusades expand across the Mortal Realms, giving us our first glimpse of what the Cities of Sigmar actually look like!

In the Extremis box you get 4 unique frames – Two different Domicile Shells, an imposing Guardian Idol and finally the currently exclusive to this set Nexus Syphon. And I have to say these are brilliantly engineered, being entirely push fit with some very clever design that locks more fragile parts in place with some later components!

As you can see from above the kits look amazing when built and give us something aesthetically different than the ruins and Stormvaults we have seen previously in the AOS scenery range. I really hope this is a line that they expand with some more modular kits, perhaps maybe even some fully built and intact buildings for our units to fortify!

The star of the show has to be the Nexus Syphon, which looks brilliant – even if you have picked up Dominion you are probably still worth picking up the Extremis box in order to get a stack of new scenery (and some more bodies with which to plug the gaps in your Dominion army) – We’ll be reviewing the Extremis Starter Set in more detail next week, so watch this space!

The kits are very quick and easy to build and I didnt use a drop of glue on the ones pictured above – making them perfect for getting a battlefield together really quickly. If you are looking to start or expand an Age of Sigmar scenery collection then I highly recommend these!

Orruk Warclans Paint Set

Speaking of the new Starter Sets, Games Workshop have also got a collection of paint sets also up for pre order today, one covering the paints needed to paint the entire box, one focussed on the Stormcast and a final one based around the Gutrippaz – and we’ve been lucky enough to be sent one of these too!

The set contains 6 paints, a brush and 3 Gutrippaz and is designed around containing just the paints you would need to paint those models – giving new painters a focussed box with everything that they need!

For the paints we actually get a decent collection – The new Orruk Flesh, Leadbelcher, Mephison Red and Steel Legion Drab, this is accompanied by a pot of Agrax Earthshade and one of Stirland Mud! I think you’ll agree that these are all useful paints that are used in multiple different projects! It’s worth pointing out that the wash and the texture paint are both in standard sized bottles rather than the larger ones they usually come in – but that alone is over £15 worth of paints. At the time of writing this review I’m not aware of the price, but considering that this box also contains a brush and 3 models then even if this is priced similar to the 40k sets (£22.50) I feel this is good value for someone wanting to dip their toe into the hobby and start out with a curated set of paints to work on their Kruleboyz with.

As for the models themselves the box has a bespoke frame of 3 Kruleboyz that will blend in with the Dominion/Starter Set ones with no issues at all! I’ve actually thought about converting these three into a command so I can swap them into my existing ones while still allowing them to reinforce to a 20 Orruk block.

I’m also very interested in the Stormcast Paint Set, as again this includes colours that I regularly use and includes a pair of Vindictors to add to the collection!

As either a new hobbyist or a veteran, I think it is certainly worth picking up these paint sets not only for the paints included but to pad out your Dominion or Starter Set units with additional bodies. I really like that the sets are tied to the models inside them too, giving new painters the tools they need to get started on them.

As you can see above there is some great stuff up for pre order today – the biggest set of course being the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Extremis Starter Set, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into that box this week, so stay tuned to

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews Extremis and the Orruk Warclans Paint Set for review purposes.

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