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Warhammer Quest Cursed City – Warscroll Review Part 1

After weeks of anticipation, Warhammer Quest Cursed City is finally up for pre order (Though make sure you order it quickly, as I have a feeling it’s going to fly off the shelves given how awesome it looks!)

Our full review of the game itself along with some video play throughs will follow once our pre order arrives, but with the Warscrolls now showing on the Games Workshop website along with the points now being out in the wild I thought I’d out together a review of the warscrolls for the contents of the box and discuss what we may see in the future for these.

In part one we will be taking a look at the adversaries, surely the first wave of Soulblight Gravelords…

…hang on, non of them have the “Soulblight Gravelords” keyword??

Before we continue I think it’s worth pointing out one major factor that we may have overlooked with this box – when it was originally due to release!

We have seen a shot of the points values of the contents of the box in some of the darker corners of the internet over the last few days, but what caught my eye was the it has a blurb advising the points are accurate as of November 2020. This suggests that Cursed City was originally planned to launch around 6 months ago, long before we ever had any mention of the Soulblight Gravelords. With this in mind I am under the impression that the contents of the box are “make do” rules in order to slot them into a Legions of Nagash army and that they may well get revised in the upcoming Soulblight Gravelords battletome – I still stand by the fact that the contents of this box would also make a great Gravelords “Start Collecting” set, so am interested in if these become available separately.

But enough chatter! Time to open some fresh graves and take a look at the adversaries of the Cursed City box!

Radukar the Wolf

Right off the bat we have the new Vampire lord himself, and interestingly despite what was said during the GW preview he is not actually an Ogor! Our dreams of Ogor Vampires will have to wait a little longer! His command ability is pretty nice giving all friendly units wholly within 18″ an extra attack – this is not keyword dependent either, giving this lots of synergy within the entire Death range. He also has an interesting wound shrug that goes off on a 4+ but is lost for the entire game if he ever rolls a 1. I like this guy, and due to the fact he is on a sprue all by himself I strongly suspect this will be a clampack release for the Soulblight Gravelords

Kosargi Nightguard

Next up we do have some Ogors, Zombie Ogors to be precise! These guys do have the Soulblight keyword and have a pretty good profile, by staying within 12″ of Radukar they can have as many as 4 attacks each when his command ability is active, meaning the pair of them can put out a pretty good 16 damage between them. Their small unit size lets them down, with only 4 wounds each I dont think they will stick around too long, but they do have the Zombie keyword which may assist with some wider army shenanigans. 5+ wound shrug does keep them kicking a little longer however!

Vyrkos Blood-Born

These are a great little unit of vampire infantry – they can pass through terrain as if it wasn’t there, have a 5+ wound shrug and base 3 attacks that hit pretty hard even if they are only rend -1. You’ll want to be aggressive with these guys, as if they have taken a wound they wound on 2s! (UPDATE – they actually do this to targets that are wounded, not when they are wounded themselves!) Really cool unit and hope we see a full unit of elite vampire infantry in the Soulblight Gravelords battletome.


The model is absolutely gorgeous, but I think this guy perhaps needs a couple more attacks (Though admittedly he is great for long-ball charges and again you can potentially up his attacks with Radukar). Flat 2 damage is good on the talons, I just wish you could take these in units of more than 1 as total potential damage output for a single one is 11 wounds!

Torgillius the Chamerlain

Nice Death wizard, no Soulblight keyword (yet!) but synergises quite well with Radukar in generating an extra command point a turn to make activating the +1 attack aura a no brainer. I quite like his spell, not only does it deal D3 mortal wounds, but it also reduces the target’s hit rolls by one – which seems great for a cast cost of 6!

Gorslav the Gravekeeper

Zombie hero with the ability to bring back a destroyed Zombie unit at half the models – this seems great, especially in a zombie heavy force as a way of having recycled waves of the walking dead! Sadly the same unit cannot benefit from this ability twice. can also do a surprising amount of damage with his spade!


Same old zombies with no new tricks here – Again I suspect we might see these get a revision in the Soulblight Gravelords battletome to something more fitting the new models. When a unit of 40 dies bringing back a unit of 20 is brilliant with Gorslav though!

Watch Captain Halgrim

Halgrim’s job is to keep legions of Skeletons advancing down the battlefield – I kind of wish it just gave them extra movement rather than being a way of giving a guaranteed run value of 4. His halberd has the chance for spikes of Mortal Wounds and hidden in a block of skeletons he can contribute somewhat with his damage of D3

Skeleton Warriors

Again no changes for the trusty Skeletons, and again if these are to get updated I would expect it to be in the Soulblight Gravelords battletome.

And that is all the new profiles included for Cursed City – interestingly we don’t seem to get profiles for the bats and rats, so I’m interested to see if this is something we see fleshed out in the Gravelords battlelome, the Rat Lord we have seen certainly suggests an undead rat presence on the battlefield! What’s also interesting is how all the new stuff is priced, in a similar way to the Warhammer Underworlds warbands you pay a single cost of 680 to get to take all the new bits from Cursed City as a Unique choice. This does of course mean you cannot double up on any elements of the set except for the Zombies and Skeletons.

I would keep in mind however that this could all change in the Soulblight Gravelords book, I do suspect that all the above are placeholders until their full rules follow in the battletome, though i am interesting in seeing how these all perform in a Death army until that book drops!

If you are interested in the Order heroes then check out Part 2!


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