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Warhammer Quest Cursed City – Warscroll Review Part 2 The Heroes

Cursed City is now out in the wild and hopefully on a shop shelf near you! We are back again with the second half of our Warscroll Review, this time taking a look at the Heroes venturing into Ulfenkarn. If you missed it, check out part 1 where we review the undead half of the box!

All of the models in the Cursed City box are absolutely gorgeous, and the heroes are no exception – but are they worth taking in your Order armies? Let’s take a look! As with the adversaries lacking the Soulblight Gravelords keyword, non of the heroes have the Order of Azyr on their warscroll, but that doesn’t necessarily rule them out getting this in future rules iterations…

Captain Emelda Braskov

Emelda is a nice combat hero with a decent reliable weapon that can cause mortal wounds on hits of 6. She also has a 9″ aura to make your troops auto pass battleshock, however the downside is that she needs to be within 3″ of an enemy for it to trigger. She has the Ulfenkarn keyword so cannot benefit from your city of Sigmar rules, however it wouldn’t surprise me if we get an Ulfenkarn allegiance ability in the future – perhaps in a future witch-hunting focussed Broken Realms book?

Qulathis The Exile

Next up we have the new Kurnothi from the box! Now, like the Kurnothi Warhammer Underworlds warband this character does not actually have the Kurnothi keyword – however she does have the Sylvaneth keyword and a new glade in the form of Enga’la Weald. I do wonder if we do get a Kurnothi release for Age of Sigmar on if they will be folden into the Sylvaneth Battletome in order to create a reimagining of the classic Wood Elves. her bow is pretty good with 3 shots with each 6 to hit causing additional mortal wounds, and has a 3+ save in cover. Hide her somewhere safe and go sniping for characters!

Jelsen Darrock

Disgraced Vampire Hunter kicked out of the Order of Azyr and on a certain someone’s pay roll makes Darrock an interesting hero in Cursed City, he is also pretty good in AOS! With Judgement he can take out heavily armoured 3 wound models if he is lucky and puts out some decent mortal wound output with his stakes! Like Emelda he is also from Ulfenkarn so no (current) Cities of Sigmar bonuses.

Brutogg Corpse Eater

Brutogg does what his name suggests, he eats the dead! This is a great little ability that allows his wounds profile to stay topped up during the game, he is also pretty decent in combat with a total of 5 attacks and a potential output of 10 wounds a turn. While he has the Ogor keyword he does not have Ogor Mawtribes, which is a shame as I feel he would be a fun hero to take alongside them. Again, Brutogg is from Ulfenkarn

Dagnai Holdenstock

Dagnai is the first and only of the heroes who can actually be taken from an existing subfaction, hailing from Bharak-Mhornar the city of shadows. He has some pretty cool abilities too, starting the game with an additional piece of Aether-Gold and with the ability to stop monsters from moving away from him. Stick him in a sky vessel and dictate which direction any scary targets have to move!

Cleona Zeitengale

Another resident of Ulfenkarn, Cleona is a priest for the Cities of Sigmar who has a couple of great abilities – the first allows her to heal D6 wounds to a model, a great way of fixing up steamtanks perhaps! The second ability is a decent AOE ranged attack that can cause mortal wounds to every unit in an 18″ bubble, if you are lucky you could strip some wounds off both supporting heroes and the units they are hiding behind.

Glaurio Ven Alten III

This guy is pretty fun, Glaurio has a innate -1 to hit in melee, and if anyone rolls a 1 to hit him they take a mortal wound, he also can cause mortal wounds when shooting his gun while in combat. Also has fairly decent damage on his blade, if a little spikey with the D3 damage.

Octren Glimscry

And the final member of the bank of adventurers is Octen Gilmscry, and he is a pretty good Wizard to take in your Cities of Sigmar army – First of all he has a 6+ wound shrug making hum surprisingly resilient, but in addition to this his spell is really good, not only causing D3 mortal wounds, but also reducing their movement characteristic by 1 for the rest of the game!

So that is all the heroes from Cursed City, will you be taking any in your Order armies? Our copy of Cursed City arrived this weekend, so keep an eye on the website for our review once we have sunk our teeth into it!


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