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Coming Soon – Broken Realms: Johann

We have some very exciting news today about the 5th book in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Broken Realms series!

The Broken Realms books have been an excellent series starting with the incredible Broken Realms Morathi and the follow up Broken Realms Teclis (out this weekend!) We know we venture into Broken Realms Be’lakor very soon (we are hoping this should be dropping in April alongside the collectable coin available soon in Warhammer stores) and Warhammer Community have teased book 4 in Broken Realms Kragnos in the below trailer:

We are very happy to share that we have the exclusive reveal of the title of book 5 in the series, Broken Realms Johann!

Broken Realms Johann tells the tale of Johann Strehn and his transformation from hapless citizen of the Mortal Realms to the mighty hero of the Yskian Veldt in his war campaign against the Sons of Behemat!

As with the prior Broken Realms books, Johann will continue a richly crafted narrative driving forward the ongoing story of Age of Sigmar and support this with a 6 battleplan long campaign allowing you to recreate the events of the story!

But it’s not just the epic new story, we will also be getting some new miniatures dropping alongside it! While we know there will be a new miniature for Johann Hero of The Yskian Veldt, sadly we have not been able to see it yet (we are told it is stunning though!) however Johann is not alone in his fight against the Mega-Gargants!

Broken Realms Johann introduces the Proudfeet of Ghyran, a new Order army based on the Halflings of the World That Was! These stunning new miniatures including the Hot Pot Hustlers (above) and Moot Master Billy Big Belly (below) really capture the essence of these noble (but peckish) warriors in a way not seen before in Age of Sigmar!

We can’t wait to get our hands on these kits and create a Moot for ourselves!

In addition to the new Proudfeet army list, Broken Realms Johann also contains new detachments, named characters and artefacts for the Sons of Behemat allowing you to represent the forces that Johann and the Proudfeet face off against in the new book!

Games Workshop have not shared a release date for the new book, but we have managed to get a sneaky look at the front cover and I think you will agree it really captures the essence of what many count as the most important character in this current story arc of the game.

We will be back with all the news on Broken Realms Johann as soon as we know more!

Massive thanks to Chris for sending us images of the new Proudfeet of Ghyran models!


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