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Next Week – Titanicus Warmaster, Underworlds Soulblight Gravelords, Blood Bowl Death Zone and much more!

Well another Sunday has arrived and with it Warhammer Community have shared details of next week’s pre orders – and oh boy is it a big one! Don’t forget, if you would like to help support the site then why not order though our affiliate Element Games and save yourself 20% too?

Warhammer Underworlds

Hot off the mark after Cursed City is the new Soulblight Grvelords warband for Warhammer Underworlds, the Crimson Court!

SundayPreview Apr04 WHUWCrimsonCourt1eras
I think these are amongst the best models Games Workshop have produced for Age of Sigmar and I’m sure they will look as great as a part of a wider Vampire army as they will fighting in Direchasm!

Also up for pre order next Saturday is a brand new starter box for Underworlds, aimed at players who are new to the game and want a great entry point for novices rather than jumping in directly with Direchasm

SundayPreview Apr04 WHUWStarterSet2imag
Looks like this comes with two new warbands using existing easy to build Age of Sigmar models, and two pre made decks to allow you to jump straight into the action without having to worry about building your own deck.
SundayPreview Apr04 WHUWEssentialCards5cani
There is also a booster set of cards, it looks like this contains some old ones from past editions of Underworlds brought back and compatible with Direchasm – very interested into digging into these!

Adeptus Titanicus

We also have a titanic week for Adeptus Titanicus! First up we have a new book “Loyalist Legios! containign the full rules for all loyalist legions, Knight Households and engines such as the Psi Titans – the Warhammer Community article also says that we will get new rules for forming battlegroups too, meaning this could be an essential purchase for all Loyalist players (Presumably a traitor one will follow!)

SundayPreview Apr04 ATLoyalistLegios7bhta
I am interested to see how much content is lifted from previous books and how much new content we get – 100% happier to see it all in one book to carry along with my rulebook though!
SundayPreview Apr04 ATRulebook8thvo

And Speaking of rulebook, the Adeptus Titanicus rulebook is now available separately for people who maybe don’t want to pick up the entire starter box, or perhaps are looking to replace the one from the original run of the game (I believe a few tweaks had been made when it was updated for the last starter box!)

We also have a brand new Titan up for pre order in the form of the Warmaster Titan!

SundayPreview Apr04 ATWarmasterTitan9tfht
This is a thing of beauty and I 100% need to command one on the battlefield! The Largest Titan seen yet in the game with a suitably impressive kit!

Finally, if you are looking to get into the game, then Games Workshop are releasing an amazing looking set! The Precept Maniple Battleforce contains everything you need to have a fully fledged Titanicus force!

SundayPreview Apr04 ATPreceptManiple12scis

Containing a Warlord Titan, a Warbringer, a Reaver and a pair of Warhounds this is £195 worth of models! if this is going to be around the £100 price point then this will be an absolute steal for anyone either getting into the game or expanding an existing army!

Blood Bowl

For Blood Bowl we have the new Death Zone expansion, with rules for sevens, mercenaries and what looks to be a ton of great stuff to expand your season with!

BBDeathZone Mar05 Image1hlov

And finally the plastic contents of the Second Season box are all getting their own seperate releases with associated dice, cards and a Spike! magazine!

SundayPreview Apr04 BBSpike1214nbar
My poor wallet is going to be taking a beating this week…

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