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Adeptus Mechanicus: New Models on the Horizon? Early Codex Hopes & Predictions

One of my favourite factions within Warhammer 40,000 is the Adeptus Mechanicus. So much so that when 9th edition launched I shared my thoughts on how the army would fair in this latest edition of the tabletop game.

With recent announcements in hand (keep reading!) I thought I’d have a quick look at my hopes for the new book.

What we know so far…

Last Saturday during the latest Warhammer Preview online we got to see a new HQ choice. A Skitarii Marshall.

Described by Warhammer Community as a Lieutenant for the Ad Mech and to help ensure Rangers find there mark, I’m fully expecting this guy to give a reroll of some kind, maybe 1s to wound (as that’s the general rule for models described as lieutenants). My only other was was perhaps fulfilling the role of the Daedolous (more on him later in the article) and giving a +1 to hit buff to a unit or perhaps within an aura.

He is however the first Adeptus Mechanicus HQ unit to have the Skitarii keyword.

Even more exciting was the announcement that Codex Adeptus Mechanicus is on the way! Check out that artwork!

The binary at the end of the trailer offered ‘April’ as the month we’ll get able to preorder the book.

The Codex will bring together the new datasheets from Engine War into one book with all the previously available datasheets. We’ll also have a number of stratagems, relics and traits that will replace any previous published.

THAT Artwork!

So let’s start speculating. Feel free to add salt to taste.

Games Workshop gave us a better look at the new artwork that graces this Codex. Let’s pause and check that out now. 

Now it’s interesting to note that, first pointed out by fellow Sprues and Brews member Matt, that we’ve yet to see a Codex that features artwork of models not available, which makes the following points really exciting. 

Who, or what, is that dead centre of the Codex cover?

All of the characters on the artwork appear to be Mars for starters, but that sizeable character in the centre is bigger than anything in the codex so far. Looking at all the various elements and mechandrites coming off him makes you think of the books only special named character, Belisarius Cawl.

Are we getting a Fabricator General as a Model?

The answer is quite possibly!

We’ve recently reviewed War Zone Charadon: Act 1 The Book of Rust. Within this book we are introduced to the Fabricator General of Forge World Metalica, Heptus Khleng. He is a very key character in that book, and is described in great detail, as is compared to the size of a super heavy vehicle. The rank of Fabricator General isn’t something we hear much of in 40K, but is often mentioned during the Horus Heresy. Their role is to manage a Forge World.

Cawl himself wanted to be the Fabricator General for Mars, but for all of his good deeds for the Imperium, Primaris Marines, new weapons and tanks, Guilliman doesn’t trust him. In fact half of Mars doesn’t trust him. It could cause a civil war if Cawl got the top job.

So the position in the lore is open. Could that massive looking mechanical monstrosity be the Fab General of Mars and could we be getting a model for him? Could it be a universal general you can use for any Forge World?! As previously mentioned it would be a first if something on a codex didn’t make it into the book. Big centrepiece models are hot right now. The Silent King, Katakros…Triumph of Saint Katherine….

Now cast your eyes down to the front left.

What are those hooded troops? Some form of Honour Guard perhaps? If you’ve got the ruler of your Forge World going to war you’d best have your bodyguards ready to march alongside him.

Nerfs and Buffs

Thanks to Psychic Awakening: Engine War the Adeptus Mechanicus are a fairly competitive choice right now. I’m expecting the new Codex to balance the army a little more.

I’m bracing myself for a nerf to gun mode Kastelan Robots, although on the flip side to that I’m hoping the punching with fists version gets a buff so that people maybe more likely to take them. Equally the Datasmith needs…something, to make him worthwhile to bring along. At the moment his key usage is to change the settings on Kastelans, however most people just use the stratagem to change them into shooty mode.

I think we’ll see the end of all the old stratagems that gave Skitarii +2 to hit following rules changes from 9th edition. The new codexes have done a good job so far of mixing stratagems from the previous codex and Psychic Awakening as well as adding some brand new ones. 

The Preview teased that quite a number of Mechanicus weaponry has been buffed. I’d like to see some of the Sicarian units being buffed to see many rarer seen units such as Ruststalkers being used more often. Perhaps a buff or two for Cognis weaponry?

I’m very hopeful that any rules changes will only be for the benefit of the flavour of the army. Engine War got the wheels in motion for the Ad Mech to move away from a ‘Castle’ style army to that of a more mobile fighting force, in particular with the amount of new models to fill the Fast Attack slots. 

Daedalosus who?

Currently the ever popular, and cheap in points Daedalosus mini can only be purchased in copies of Blackstone Fortress: Escalation which is now discontinued. 

Games Workshop don’t like including models not available within codexes, so is it the end of the line for the Daedalosus? I have a feeling it will be, unless we see him get a individual release which they haven’t yet done for any of the other models from Blackstone of any of its expansions.

If it is all over for him in a Matched Play sense, then it was very fun whilst it lasted!


One of our favourite new additions to 9th edition has to be Crusade. We’ve probably played more games of Crusade than normal Matched Play!

The Drukhari and Dark Angels Crusade contents have really raised the bar on Crusade content. The Drukhari book allowing you to compete with other players for resources whilst you build your own empire almost, whilst the Dark Angels really play to then narrative around The Fallen. Warcom have said that:

‘if you’ve ever wanted your Tech-Priests to rummage around inside other factions’ technology and create strange new artefacts, you’ll want to take your Adeptus Mechanicus force on Crusade.’

How cool would it be to MAKE or upgrade weapons?! 

I could imagine you’d need toa gather materials and STCs during games, maybe gathering different parts depending on which army you were facing or perhaps the mission type. 

Feedback from Facebook

Facebook is home to a popular Adeptus Mechanicus group. So I asked the group for their opinions. Here’s a selection:

Sam Scott: ‘I’d like to see better melee focused units and more units with the Rad-Saturation ability’

Sean Alonzo: ‘Buffs to units like infiltrator and rustalker.’

Robert Insana: ‘I’d like to see something happen with the Dunecrawler to be honest, as it stands the Neutron Laser is too swingy, it either blows the enemies face off, or it does absolutely nothing, so maybe something like, “if this model remained stationary in the movement phase, roll 2 d3s for shots and discard the lowest” or let it fire twice or something, the Eradication gun and the phosphor guns need help too, there’s just really no reason to ever use those

I’d also really like it if Kastelan Fists added attacks to their stat line, similar to a DG Bloat Drones Fleshmower, give me two more attacks if I’m running fists or something’

Have to agree with Sean here regarding the Dunecrawler. When was the last time you saw a Dunecrawler with a Eradication Beamer?! A more reliable Neutron Laser would be fantastic.

Mike David: ‘Include all the named characters/models. More customizable techpriest options that don’t rely on warlord traits. A mobile HQ/buff unit that can keep up with our fast attackers. ‘

Jon Montgomery: ‘I wonder what will happen to Cawl. IIRC, a few months ago in a live stream they said Cawl was going to be awesome. So let’s hope that’s the case.’

Max-Malte Sieker: ‘Some Weapons I would love to be changed are:

Torsion Cannon from Heavy 1 to Heavy D3

Only one shot completely kills it if you only have BS 4+

Supercharged Plasma Culverins should only deal a MW on a 1 instead of killing the model

Change the Sulphur Range from 8″ to 12″

The Radium Jezzail should get something like AP-2 and D2, maybe even an extra shot 

The Eradication Beamer would be nice if it would become similar to a melter weapon and the Neutron Laser should get a save number of shots instead of D3

Since they said that weapons should be more deadly I could see them give a lot of weapons one point more of AP and maybe give some Heavy Weapons +1 Str while changing the Mars Canticle to something else.’

Not Long to Wait…

Luckily, April is just round the corner, so we shouldn’t have too wait long.

If we do have new models for the Adeptus Mechanicus on the way then we may see another preview very soon, which Warcom have already hinted that another is on the way soon!


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