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Warhammer Codex Preview Show | New Necrons, Primaris Marines, Codexes, Death Guard!


So we’ve just seen the latest online preview which focused on the upcoming Space Marine and Necron Codexes for Warhammer 40,000.

This included some of the rules, as well as more new minis.

Let’s delve into the action packed hour of content!


We know of course the book is on the way, but I never thought we’d see such a massive new range of miniatures!

We’ve got two brand new Crypteks, the Psychomancher and the Chronomancher, both fantastic sculpts.

Whilst both being Crypteks, they do have specialist auras. The Psychomanchers specializes in terror, reducing leadership and forcing you to remove 1 from your combat attrition tests, whilst the Chronomancher messes about with time, and can give a unit reroll charges and a 5+ invulnerable save.

We’ve got brand new Destroyers, the Ophydan Destroyers. Like a mix of the Destroyers from Indomitus mixed with Wraiths, with Whip Coil bodies and the ability to deepstike! Check out the datasheet!

Flayed Ones are also getting brand new plastic minis! They now score an additional hit on an unmodified hit roll of a 6.

The Silent King has had some of his datasheet revealed too, and the Warcom team are quick to stress this guy is up there with the Primarchs, with a datasheet full of buffs and debuffs. He’s seriously nails.

Command Protocols are new for the Necrons. At the start of the game you choose which protocol will be in effect for each battle round, so some pre-game planning is involved. Each protocol has two directives, which at the start of the turn the protocol becomes active you choose which directive to employ.

The book will feature a plethora of Crusade content, including the ability to turn your Necron Overlord into a Destroyer Lord!

Space Marines

208 pages of Marine content is in the latest Codex. Some of the upgrades seen recently for the Marines, such as the Master of Sanctity, have been given expanded rules, with an additional Warlord trait and Relic.

For Crusade you can turn one of your characters into a Dreadnought should they suffer a one or two Battle Scars. They traits picked up during your Crusade carry over, and you can even have Psyker dreads should you pick a Psyker character!

We’ve got a brand new Captain model, this time in Gravis armour, with a master crafted heavy bolt rifle.

Heavy Intercessors are now a thing! Armed with a choice of 3 different bolt rifles, these guys are insane! You can even check out the datasheet!

Eradicators are getting a multipart kit, with an option to give one a Multimelta.

The Storm Speeder has finally been revealed. First seen in the super blurry image ages ago, this thing has 3 variants, the Hailstrike, Hammerstrike and Thunderstrike. Each variant has a role and different weapon configurations. The Hammerstrike for example includes a Heavy 3 Melta Destroyer and missles, perfect for taking out tanks.

Bladeguard Veterans are also getting a multipart kit, with Volkite pistols and bolt rifles. Love how they have the Shields on the back if they aren’t holding them!

The multipart Assualt Intercessors have a Thunderhammer on the sprue, as well as a hand flamer, powerfist and powersword.

All of the above new kits will be available for all chapters (excluding Grey Knights)

2020 Codexes

The Necrons and Space Marines aren’t the only Codexes coming this year. We also have 3 new supplements, Blood Angels, Deathwatch and Space Wolves and our first Heretic Codex, Death Guard!

The Deathwatch will have access to almost all of the Space Marine Codex models (they did mention there would be some exceptions, but did not name them). Rules for Kill Teams and Special Issue Ammunition will be in the Deathwatch book.

Space Wolves and Blood Angels will also get most of the Space Marine models, again with some exceptions.

The Death Guard are getting a new character, the Lord of Virulence. He’s a Chaos Lord who looks after Daemon Engines. I REALLY hope this guy gives a BS bonus to Daemon Engines!

We also saw and heard a teaser for something else new for the Death Guard. From the video it looks like we are getting new scenery pieces!

Imperial Armour Compendium

For all those with Forge World models, you’ll need to pick up the next book. This will feature 191 datasheets, updating all the old Forge World rules, such as the Levitation Dreadnought.

The book also has rules for creating Titan Legions and updates the rules for the Death Korps of Kreig. It even has a datasheet for the much loved Warboss on Bike, as the Forge World model still exists!

So so so much cool content! Really happy to see the Death Guard Codex is coming this year too, as they are my army of the moment! Some fantastic new models for the Marines and Necrons. Bring on November!

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