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Soulbound: Champions of Order Expansion Incoming!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s RPG by Cubicle 7 is getting its first full expansion!

Champions of Order introduces some brand new Order characters to play within the Soulbound role playing game.

Announced at this years Virtual UK Games Expo, we have no word on a release date, but here is a snippet from the announcement page:

Champions of Order gives players a wealth of new options for creating characters in Soulbound and features new Archetypes, new Talents, and devastating new spells. It’s packed with content and options to expand on your Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound game.

This expansion introduces the Lumineth Realm-lords into the action as well as some other key heroes.

The new Binding includes a heroic Knight-Zephyros of the Stormcast Eternals, a mighty Grimwrath Berzerker of the Fyreslayers, one of the mysterious Spite-Revanants of the Sylvaneth, and two heroes from a brand new faction: the Alarith Stoneguard and Alarith Stonemage of the Lumineth Real-Lords!

The game also introduces an expanded Endeavours system, including introducing new contacts players can make, from Collegiate Scholars to Kharadron Endrineers.

New spells! New Archetypes! New Goals! New Miracles!

Can’t wait to see the contents of this. You can register for this years virtual expo which is taking place instead of the UK Games Expo which normally happens every year at the Birmingham NEC.

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