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Adeptus Titanicus – Hobby Update

I love painting Warhammer models but I often suffer from boredom whilst working on larger projects such as a Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar army.  It often takes me a long time to finish a big project, mainly because I find I need to put a particular set of models down and paint something different.  I also get a bit frustrated if a model is only half finished, which makes batch painting an almost impossible task for me (I need to get the edge highlights done on this Ultramarine Intercessor before I can put the wash on the next one).

Small (relatively in the case of my most recently finished project), self contained projects such as Blood Bowl teams, Underworld Warbands or individual models I get on with fine.  My obsessive OCD to see a model finished before I pick up a second one is not so much of a disadvantage when you’re only painting a handful of models 🙂

I was super motivated to get an Adeptus Titanicus Legio built and painted after recording a recent podcast with special guest Duncan Rhodes (you can listen to it here).  This was a project which took me just under two weeks to complete and I’m happy to report not once did I get the urge to put the models down and pick up something else!  I even managed to do a bit of batch painting – batch painting Titans, surely that’s about the most extreme batch painting you can do!

The first decision to make was what Legio was I going to paint?  I have not played much Adeptus Titanicus but I’ve read a lot about it and I have the impression it is a more narrative, less competitive focussed game than say Age of Sigmar.  For this reason the rules of the individual Legios did not really factor into my decision and I was instead driven more by the colour scheme and background.  The Reaver is my favourite model and I knew I wanted a handful of these in my collection.  It seemed like Legio Gryphonicus would be a good choice, especially as I really liked the grey and yellow colour scheme too.  In fact after watching Duncan’s painting video I was really impressed with how good the battle damage and wear looked over the grey and yellow panels.  Decision made, Legio Gryphonicus it would be.

I decided to ease myself into this new world of Titan painting and start with the Warlord 🙂  To be fair I wanted to follow Duncan’s video to get used to building and painting the Legio Gryphonicus models and I have to say it was a really great resouces which I tried to follow as closely as possible.

Once the Warlord was complete and the transfers had been applied I followed Duncan’s guide to apply some battle damage.  I was really happy with the final effect.



With my ‘test’ model complete I decide it was time to move onto the Reaver engines.  I decided to batch paint these all in one go and I have to say I would recommend this approach to other as well.  I found the first few stages of painting Titans tend to be quite messy and involves several stages of applying heavy washes.  Whilst one Reaver was drying I was able to work on the next one which I think helped me get them all done quite quickly.  I used the same techniques that I used on the Warlord including painting the skeleton and lower armour plating fully before glueing on the top layer of armour plating.


At this stage I have no intention of painting any Warhounds but I did want to round out the force with a couple of Cerastus Knight LancersAfter reading a bit of background for Legio Gryphonicus I identified a few Knight Houses that would fit thematically but none of their colour schemes really appealed.  In the end I decided to paint House Terryn, perhaps not so closely associated with Legio Gryphonicus but I really like the royal blue colour scheme.  Again these were both painted using the batch painting technique.



The last stage was to base each miniature and for this I used a combination of Armageddon Dust and Armageddon Dunes, washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull.  I then painted the rims with Steel Legion Drab.

I’m really happy with the end result and I’m feeling pretty motivated to get started on another ‘smallish’ project in the not too distant future (T’au Aeronautica perhaps…)






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