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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Gamemasters Screen Unboxing and Review

Today we are taking a look at the soon to be released Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Gamemasters Screen by Cubicle 7. Before we get into the review, let’s take a look at what you get inside the package!

Looks pretty ace, eh?

So what’s it like? Well for a start the screen itself is brilliant quality!


A hard 4 panel screen that is covered in some absolutely gorgeous artwork depicting a city of The Old World. I couldn’t fit the entire thing in shot in the video above, it’s massive! Loads of awesome little details in the artwork too, such as a rooftop sword fight, a poor unfortunate getting kicked into the foul looking river or a wing of Gyrocopters buzzing overhead. While playing the game this is something that your party is going to see a lot of, so I love the fact that this is packed with so many little things. I’d love to see this released as a print to go on the hobby room wall too!


The reverse side of the Screen is absolutely jam packed with really useful information for running you Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaigns. From collections of example common names of The Old World, to D100 charts to generate character traits you will be able to quickly and easily roll up NPCs on the fly! All the core rules are also summerised in the centre two panels reducing the need to flick back and forth during your rulebook during a session. In a great touch, these sections also have page references for when you do need to find some additional info, which really helps remove the need to fill your rulebook with millions of page markers in order to find critical info! The final panel details weapons, shields and armour with all the stats, costs and qualities for easy reference during a game. I’m really impressed with the amount of stuff they have managed to squeeze onto this board while still making it easy to navigate, and for that it’s worth picking up alone! But that’s not all you get in this set!


The set also includes a 32 page Gamemasters Guide booklet which acts as a framework to build your own Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventures. The first section digs deep into what makes a WFRP campaign feel “Warhammer” and highlights the things that makes The Old World what it is. The overarching battle between Order and Chaos, the struggle between the classes, the conflicts between the various Warhammer races and even a look at how the various religions of The Old World interact. This section gives some great ideas into making a campaign fit the feeling of what is “Warhammer” and could even be used as a tool to convert other adventure to the setting of the Old World.


The next section of the GM guide covers a number of topics helpful on how to actually run a game session, including how to manage Advantage, handling Player Character deaths and making them positive for the game, and a deeper look into the motivations characters within your game might have and some guidance on  what might be needed to achieve this motivations.

The final section offers some tips to creating NPCs with character and some guidance on how to create them, along with some examples using these principles. This is really helpful for guiding the GM on how to make characters that seem believable and have their own personality while still having a very “Warhammer” vibe to them.

The book ends with a number of D100 charts that can be quickly rolled on to create an adventure hook, these are much appreciated and could be expanded into full adventures in their own right!


In summary, this is a great thing to pick up if you plan of running games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. As a screen it ticks all the boxes, great quality card stock, brilliant artwork, and all the information you would need to host a game right at your fingertips! As a Gamemaster Guide equally it contains some absolutely fantastic content that really enriches your games and offers help and guidance on how to run a session while expanding on what is found within the core rulebook.

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Gamemasters Screen is currently available to pre order from Cubicle 7 now for £22.99 and includes a pdf copy allowing you to make use of the contents while waiting for the physical product to arrive!

Cubicle 7 provided Sprues and Brews a copy for review purposes.


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