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Dave’s #NewYearNewArmies

We are well and truly in 2020 now, which means new projects!

Speaking of which, Matt has set himself a New Year challenge as he attempts to hobby every day this year. Why not check out his latest report on his progress?

Listeners to the podcast will know that before the New Year I was set to start a new 40k and Age of Sigmar army.

Genestealer Cults for Warhameer 40,000

Ogor Mawtribes for Age of Sigmar

Recent listeners to our podcast will know that, well, this hasn’t happened! I have in fact started the following!

T’au Empire for 40k

Kharadron Overlords for AoS

So why the change of heart Dave?! I hear you cry!

Genestealer Cults is an expensive army to collect and get into, and whilst I love the way the army plays, I’m putting this on the back burner for now.

The Ogors, ah the Ogors. To be honest it was the arrival of the new Overlords book that made me want to get them on the battlefield.

So, how have I got on in these first few weeks of 2020?

For the Greater Good

I played T’au about 2 years ago maybe? So I’ve got a number of models from the last time I took a crack at them.

Whilst I knew from feedback online that contrast and T’au don’t always work due to the amount of flat panels, I decided to go for it anyway!

First to try the scheme out on was a Coldstar Battlesuit.

I’d seen the Teal/Orange combo online quite a lot, and loved how striking the colours were!

I wanted to see how it looked on a Fire Warrior.

Following on from that, I wanted to ensure it also looked awesome on a much bigger model.

As you can see he has quite a bit to go yet!

I’ve decided on working towards a list from the T’au sept for a couple of reasons. The 5+ overwatch of course is awesome, but I also like the T’au relic that allows a battlesuit to move 6” after shooting. Perfect for a Coldstar!

Sky Dwarfs!

With the arrival of the new Kharadron Overlords I decided to dig out my own airships.

Another project I started sometime ago!

I’ve not had much chance to paint any Kharadrons, although I have crammed in lots of battle reports and have read the Battletome back to front.

I have however done some work on my Ironclad!

After studying the Battletome I’m really torn on what kind of list I want to aim for. The two front runners are Barak-Nar or Barak-Thyrng.

After playing against Jay’s Gotrek, I really like the idea of getting Gotrek in a list. Does a old foot dwarf fit in an Overlords list? Probably not, but I’m going to try and make it work! I have one painted up ready to rock too!

You could argue that these aren’t new armies, and are in fact old armies I’m continuing to work on.

This year for me is to get armies completed, so I think these two armies well and truly fit the bill! They deserve to get at least 2,000 points painted and ready for battle.

I have a lot of bad luck charging into combat, so it seems justified that I’ve got two shooting armies to get stuck into for the first part of this year!

It’s been a very busy first few weeks, so I hope next time I type up an update I’ll have a lot more to chat about, including some background lore, such as character names!

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