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Warhammer 366 – Week 3

I can’t believe we are almost through January – time flies when you do some Warhammer every day it seems! So let’s see what i got up to in the last week of hobbying!

Day 14


With the Lord of Change almost done, I just needed to get the base sorted – ran out of Rhinox Hide, but luckily enough my wife managed to pick up a pot for me on the way home! Hurrah!

Day 15

With the base done it was time to get some better photos of the big fella taken!





He could also now join his 3 daemonic brothers! Have enjoyed painting the Forge World Exhaulted Greater Daemons, and while they are not as impressive compared to the plastic kits, they are still great models!





Day 16

Today was Podcast day! And we reviewed the awesome new Tzeentch Battletome!


Why not give us a listen! New episodes out each week where we discuss the latest news, reviews, and Warhammer happenings!


Day 17

I was “in-between” projects today, so spent my time starting the first elements of my Age of Sigmar project for 2020, the Ossiarch Bonereapers!


I had great fun putting these guys together, and look forward to building the rest – but that may have to wait a little while as a cathedral sized spaceship was about to land tomorrow…

Day 18

The Adepta Sororitas. The Sisters of Battle. Awesome new Plastic!


Whatever you want to call them, there is no denying that these are some of the very best plastic kits that Games Workshop have ever put out! Today I managed to film an unboxing taking a look at what you get inside!

I also picked up the first Siege of Terra – Sons of the Selener, which goes into the secrets of the gene-crafters of Luna…


Day 19

Armed with clipper and knife I started the monumental task of building a load of sisters…


Day 20

….and managed to get them done today!






I absolutely love the varied options you have with these kits and the abundance of parts on the sprues! Even after building boxes and boxes of them I still want to build some more, and am fairly convinced I would still have variety in how they go together!

Day 21

Today we headed to the club night of local Warhammer club, The Purple Sparky Unicorns – don’t let the fluffy name kid you, there are some seriously good Warhammer players amongst their ranks! We are taking part in their tournament this weekend, so thought it would be good to have a couple of practice games!


I was pitting my Archaon led Slaves to Darkness against Harry and his gorgeous Sylvaneth army!




We played Knife to the heart, which was a great game – Harry was very unlucky with placement of a wyldwood as he was very close to getting a unit close enough to win the game on Turn 3 – unfortently for him, Archaon and the Varenguard had murdered their way across the battlefield, and with a coordinated charge on the final defenders they managed to claim victory by taking the objective!


Day 22

And so that brings us to today! With the Zone Mortalis scenery up for pre order this weekend, I decided it was time to start getting some paint on my Bounty Hunter gang! The Triumph of Saint Katherine is also wanting to get built though…


So until next time, hope you have a great Warhammer Week yourself!

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