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Next Week – Adepta Sororitas Sisters of Battle

The wait is finally over – The Sisters of Battle make their Triumphant return to the 41st Millennium next week! I’m super excited to get my hands on all these new miniatures after managing to get hold of the Adepta Sororitas Army Set last year – check out what I thought of it below:

Heading up this week’s releases is the new Codex!

This mighty tome allows you to create your Sisters of Battle force, is filled to the brim with lore, wargear, units and the holy might of the defenders of the faith! If you are interested in what you can find within then make sure to check out the review we did over on the Podcast– spoilers, its an awesome book!

We also have some new miniatures on the way in the form of Retributors and Battle Sister Squads!

These awesome multi-part kits will build a large selection of your infantry for your Adepta Sororita force, and they look brilliant to boot!

And finally we have the big centre piece kit for this wave, The Triumph of Saint Katherine!

I fell in love with this kit at the Open Day, and cant wait to build it up and paint it myself!

We had a deep dive into the new Sisters codex a few weeks ago on the podcast, you can check out the show below or via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Anchor!

So that’s all the goodies out the first week of the Sisters release, check out Warhammer Community for the full details!

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