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Podcast: Merry Christmas!

And here it is, our final podcast of 2019!

On this week’s show Dave, Matt and Jay chat about the new Slaves to Darkness Battletome which was recently released.

Dave and Matt also discuss their antics last Wednesday, as the two went head-to-head on Warhammer Live with their Age of Sigmar forces, Orruk Warclans Vs Slaves to Darkness. 

Seeing as it was the last show of the year the Top 3 has been replaced with our favourite Sprues and Brews. You guys haven’t let us down by sending in your favourite Sprues and Brews, which are read out towards the end of the show. 

We hope you enjoy the episode and as always if you would like to get in touch check us out on Twitter, @SpruesandBrews, or head over to

We wish all of our listeners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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