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Battletome Orruk Warclans: Massive Rules Preview!

First and foremost, a massive shout out to Jay Luke from the Facebook group The Mighty WAAAAAGH! as he frantically noted down snippets of information during today’s Warhammer TV look at the upcoming Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battletome: Orruck Warclans!

He’s kindly given us permission to share his notes with you, Sprues and Brewers!

What We Know So Far…

Yesterday Warhammer Community gave us our first look at some of the changes in the upcoming Battletome.

We already knew that the tome would comprise of both the Ironjawz and the Bonesplitterz, bringing both armies up to date for AoS 2.0. Lots of what we are used to seeing are now included, including mount traits, lore spells for the two races, more artifacts, clan rules and updated warscrolls.

What is also now completely, 100% official is that their will be no new minis, nor will their be any special terrain models or endless spells. Whilst disappointing, hopefully the contents of the book will make up for this. (I’ve got my fingers crossed the Blood Toofs still get to bring a free Realmgate! in their Battalion!)

The book allows you to basically build three different forces. You can go straight up Ironjawz, giving you lots of unique Ironjawz abilities and such or you can go all in on Bonesplitterz, again unlocking some sweet sweet abilities and rules.

Ironjawz Unique Army Wide Ability
Bonesplitterz Unique Army Ability
Another Bonesplitterz Army Wide Ability

The third option, oh boy, allows you to combine both. Yes, you don’t get all the unique abilities from the Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz which you’d get if you went all in on one or the other, however you do unlock a bunch of unique ones themed around a massive amount of Orrucks tearing through the Mortal Realms.

The big army wide rule for if you combine both Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz allows you to stack WAAGGHH points, which accumulate over the battle, giving you all kinds of sweet bonuses.

Should you wish, you can, should you wish, spend some of these points to activate other abilities or Command Abilities (should you have the Command Points available) to do some really really cool stuff, such as the following Command Ability!

I’m not going to go into all the details from the article posted yesterday, in fact at this point I’d invite everyone to check it out at this link.

Some New Details!

Some pretty awesome stuff right there right? If your still here then your in for a treat. As mentioned at the top of the article, Jay watched the Warhammer TV preview earlier this afternoon on Twitch with intent, to try and pick out some juicy information.

He does warn, that some of this may not be super accurate, as he was trying to scribble them down as he was listening in on the show, so please don’t take what is about to follow as 100% accurate, but will hopefully give us some real taste for the full book! I have added some snippets also.

So, with the above in mind, let’s see what he noted down!

Clans like Ironsunz and Blood Toofs will be like Stormcast Chambers…Free to use in your lists!

Mount Traits – So far we’ve had the following ones hinted, -1 to hit and ignoring spells and abilities on a 4+

Clarified MAD AS HELL (see further up the page) – ANY damage inflicted from you or the enemy on a unit of Ironjawz can make you move that unit at the end of any phase. For example, if terrain or a wizard does damage to your own units this would trigger the Mad as Hell ability. So you can purposefully move your units over damaging terrain to get more movement.

Big WAAGGHH – Points are acquired through number of Warchanters on the table or Gordrak on the board. Abilities include adding to charge rolls, spell casting, etc…

Gordrak/Mawkrushas – Some Warscroll updates. Mighty Fists and his Tail are now one combined attack profile. 9 attacks hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s, -2, 2 damage. Axes are now 5 attacks each, -1, 1 or D3 damage. The Mawkrusha Bellow attack now does D6 attacks hitting on 2s, wounding on 3s, -1, but instead of D6 damage it does 1 damage. Yay for more attacks, but boo for far less damage, not sure what I prefer.

Destructive Bulk smashes into terrain, removing a units ability to gain cover from a piece of terrain whilst also dealing damage to them. After watching part of tonight’s battle on Warhammer TV, Destructive Bulk now only deals mortal wounds on 5+s

Strength From Victory racks up extra attacks and wounds based on any models being killed during a combat phase, not just Heroes. This is fantastic, meaning as long as you kill a single model (whether it be Gotrek or a Goblin) during a combat phase you gain an additional attack and wound! That’s potentially 2 extra wounds and attacks on one weapon each battle round! This stacks nicely with a once use per battle artifact (see image further down this page) which ups the damage on one weapon by 3. Build up some extra attacks and then WHAM!

Greenskins – Aren’t in the book…gone

Gitmob maybe coming back

Ironjawz WAAAGGH and Bonespillterz WAAAGGH work differently depending how you build your force.

Smashin and Bashin is still around, huzzah!!

Ard Boyz – No matter the weapon equipped on your Orruck, he gets 2 attacks hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s, -1, 1 Damage. No confirmation on if the shields have changed.

Warchanter – Ability now does +1 damage instead of +1 to hit. Predictably he now has his own version of prayers, called Warbeats. The one Ben used in tonight’s battle report gave a unit a 3D6 charge.

Brutes – Cheaper (140 points!) however the claw and choppa now share a weapon profile, looks like grabbing and auto hitting with the club has gone.

Mighty Destroyers – Still around!

As mentioned above, Ben Bailey from Warhammer Community faced off with his Ironjawz against Wade’s Sylvaneth on Warhammer Live tonight. His list can be seen in the following image, again kindly provided by Jay.

Some interesting stuff in his list, some of which was covered in the notes above.

We’ve got a Command Trait there that provides an extra Command Point on turn one. We’ve got an extra point of damage as another Mount Trait and a Command Ability which allows you to charge at the end of your enemies charge phase!

Pretty exciting stuff huh? I have a small force of Ironjawz that we painted up as part of our Contrast painting challenge earlier in the year. I think I need to buy some more Orrucks…

Pass me my Debit Card! WAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Battletome: Orruck Warclans is up for preorder alongside Battletome: Cities of Sigmar this coming Saturday, for release the following Saturday. You can read more about this here.

Also worth noting, whilst we shall be chatting about both books (or at least what we know so far) on this week’s upcoming podcast, we’ll be taking a real in-depth look at them on the podcast the week after the books come out, so if you haven’t checked out our weekly podcast for all things Warhammer yet now is the perfect time to start!

Want to find out how you can listen to our latest episode? Check out this link or hit play below!


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