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Next Week’s Preorders: Cities of Sigmar/Orruck Warclans! King of the Dead!

Wow what a week of preorders!

First and foremost, two revealed battletomes are coming up for preorder!

We’d been wondering how long it would be until they arrive, this has now been answered!

Cities of Sigmar and Orruck Warclans are both up for preorder next week. The first combines various smaller armies into one Battletome. Fancy an army of dwarfs, men and elves? Boom, this is the book for you.

We’ve got warscroll cards coming too to help out mid-game…

To make it easier to get going, or to expand what you may already have we have two new Start Collecting! boxes. Anvilguard and Greywater Fastness. Both look great value for money!


The Ironjawzs and Bonesplitters are slamming together into one Battletome, giving the the option to sticking to one faction or combining them and making a Great WAAGGHH!!

As a Ironjawz fan, I’m intrigued on how they can combine with Bonesplitters! They of course will also be getting cards.

Now this is a surprise, in order to help reduce the load on tournament players Games Workshop are releasing a new Gaming Book, which features the matches play rules, Realm of Battle rules (inc Realm Artefacts and Spell Realm rules) and the Core rules. Very handy!

Switching from Age of Sigmar to the 41st Millennium, we have a single preorder.

It’s the Core Rulebook, but mini. The opposite of being Primarised!

Sticking to just the main rules means more space in your bag for your Codexes and gaming bits and bobs!

Finally we have some Middle-Earth preorders!

The Dead shall rise again, as the King of the Dead returns with a brand new plastic mini, boxes with two brand new Heralds.

Love these, so tempted by an Army of the Dead with the Three Hunters!

They are getting glow in the dark dice too!

You know, for those atmospheric games in the dark!

And finally, Warscroll Cards, but for Miss-Earth!

These profile cards will be super handy mid-game for grabbing stats! The first ones to come out are Mordor, the Fallen Realms, the Defenders of Pelennor and a set of Magical Powers cards.

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments or via social media!

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