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Podcast: Projects, Projects, Projects!

Here we go with another podcast!

This week we’ve got some pretty big news announcements from Warhammer Community! 2 x Battletomes incoming, with Orruk Warclans and Cities of Sigmar on the way at last! 

For our big feature this week, as we are between releases, we decided to look at what we’ve painted and played with this year so far. We are also looking forward to what we maybe painting between now and Christmas, and on into the new year!

Matt’s Iron Raven WiP!

A brand new Top 3 sees us looking at the oldest surviving models in the Games Workshop ranges that can still be used in matched play games and deciding which ones we still really like! We then of course read out all of your Top 3 picks!

As always, if you have any feedback please let us know via social media, @SpruesandBrews, or via the website

Orruck Massive Rules Preview can be found here. 

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