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Wake The Dead: New 40k Boxed Game, Preorder Next Week!

Following in the footsteps of Forgebane and Tooth & Claw we’ve got a new great value box featuring two mini forces. This time out its the Primaris Marines Vs Craftworld Eldar!

This box would make a great way to start either of these armies, in particular Eldar, as you get an awesome mix of minis.

You may have spotted that we have two exclusive minis here too. A new Lieutenant and a new Spiritseer!

Brilliant sculpts, as is the way with GW plastic right now!

The best bit? It’s up for preorder next week!

Also up for preorder next week is the two new Kill Team starter boxes, one for the T’au and one for the Necrons. You’ll also be able to pick up the Wall of Martyrs Kill Zone. You can read more about these at this link from yesterday.

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