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Kill Team Reveals! Commanders Expansion, New Starter Sets, New Kill Zone!

Today marks the start of the first Kill Team Weekender over at Warhammer World, and let’s face it, a Games Workshop event wouldn’t be the same without some reveals.

So what have we got…

Commanders Expansion

As previewed in the Rogue Trader boxset, the first expansion to Kill Team introduces a HQ unit. These will be named characters with bespoke abilities. The images shown on the Warhammer Community website include a Warboss, Tech Priest Dominus and a Necron Lord.

A number of people had commented on forums and article comments about the lack of a HQ character, like the choices from Shadow War, so their wish is now granted!

Commanders for each faction will have their own starter set too, expect some mini rules, the mini and some commander cards.

New Starter Sets

Next up to get starter sets are the T’au and the Necrons. Each set comes with a wall section from the old cities of battle Walls of Martyr set!

Speaking of which…

New Kill Zone

I really liked the Walls of Martyr kits, but missed out on the bunker. So I may have to pick this one up!

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