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UK Games Expo: Interviews + Overview

Phew, what a weekend!

So myself and Matt spent Friday and Saturday at Birmingham’s NEC Arena checking out this years UK Games Expo. Who knew their was so many awesome tabletop games? From miniature warfare to board games, card battlers to dice rollers, this show had it all. Check out our video overview below:

Armed with a camera and a microphone we set to interview a number of the exhibitors on the show floor. Lets delve right in!


Games Workshop

This year Games Workshop were one of the main sponsors of the event, so they had a much larger stand compared to last year. Like the year previous they also held a seminar, of which we discussed in this article.

On display were a sample of the new Stormcast and Nighthaunt miniatures. The stand also included a large area to learn to paint a Space Marine.

Following on from the seminar we managed to grab Pete Foley, the book and box games manager and Andy Smillie, who is the head of the Warhammer Community Team, for a quick chat about the new edition of Age of Sigmar:

Ian Livingstone

When it comes to pioneers of tabletop games and adventure books, they don’t get much more legendary than Ian Livingstone. Creator of Fighting Fantasy and the co-founder of Games Workshop, the UK Game Expo probably wouldn’t exist as it does today without his influence. He was present at the seminar signing books and images, as well as presenting a seminar on the Saturday.


We were incredibly star struck when he agreed to allow us to interview him for the website. You can check this out below!

Model Box

Their are so many mystery boxes for videogames and the like, but what about for miniature gaming? Well, that is where Model Box comes in! Subscribe to Model Box and you’ll get a random box of goodies each month, which could include exclusive minis, paints and bases. You can check out the various packages that are available on their website.

Lion Tower Miniatures

These guys were up against Games Workshop and War Cradle for the UK Games Expo Best Miniature Range Award. For a small team of two guys, this was a fantastic achievement. The nomination was well deserved, as the models they had on display looked fantastic. They are currently working on on their first game, called Wrathborn which will be launching on Kickstarter later in the year. You can check out their official website here.

Atlantis Miniatures

We spoke to Dan from Atlantis Miniatures about their new Dwarf range and their upcoming Ogre Kickstarter. We’ll have a video in though not so distant future in relation to these guys, so keep your eyes peeled for more information!

You can check out their full range over on there website.

Mantic Games

With the very popular Hellboy Kickstarter coming to an end we caught up with Andy from Mantic Games about the studios current projects, including Hellboy, Star Saga and Terrain Crate.

Cubicle 7

We chatted to Cubicle 7 last year with regards to the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, so we had to have a chat with them this year, especially with the launch only around the corner! We also couldn’t resist asking about the recently announced Age of Sigmar Roleplay book. You can read more about the upcoming release at this link.

Steamforged Games

Fresh off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the awesome looking Godtear, we spoke to Steve from Steamforged about this project, as well as the ever popular Guildball and Dark Souls games.

<< ————— >>

Its safe to say we had a fantastic couple of days checking out all the cools games that were on offer. Everyone we spoke to at the event were friendly, the show itself was ran smoothly and whilst it was busy, particularly on the Saturday, you could still get to each of the exhibits and check out what was being demo’ed.


The amount of stuff on show was mind blowing. If you intend to visit next years event we strongly advise attending two of the three days at least to take in most of what was available.

We did pick up some new minis from Warcradle at the event, but we’ll have more on that later in the week.


If you are interested in attending the next expo then keep an eye on the UK Games Expo homepage for further details.

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