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New Lord of the Rings boxed starter set: Battle of Pelennor Fields

At the UK Games Expo 2018 we attended the Games Workshop Seminar eager to find out any news of future releases!

One thing that was only briefly mentioned, and very lightly touched on over at Warhammer Community was news of a brand new boxed game coming for The Lord Of The Rings!


The Battle of Pelennor Fields will be the first Middle Earth boxed game since the Hobbit range came out, and the first Lord of the Rings one for a very long time! At Warhammer Fest Adam Troke teased that there would be something amazing on the way to help people get into the game, and it looks as if this release will be it! I for one can’t wait to see this, I have been a long time fan of Middle Earth and an awesome new boxed game will be just the thing to kick start new armies from people who collected the DeAgostini magazine series way back in the mists of time!


The real question is what is in the new boxed game? Well, we don’t know for sure – Gondor, Rohan, the Haradrim, Orcs, The Army of the Dead, all these and more fought over the battlefield at Pelennor, so there’s a lot we could get in the box.

However, we do have a clue…

At Warhammer Fest we saw some teasers of some new Lord of the Rings models


Could these be supporting figures to further expand the units in the boxed game, or are they maybe even models that will be in the boxed game?! The only thing that makes me think that these are not the starter set figures are the fact that it was stated that these are going to be made in Forge World resin. Osgiliath scenery was also mentioned, so maybe we will see the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth riding out to save Faramir after the defeat at Osgiliath? With Mordor Orcs and Southrons as the evil force?

We where told we would get more news about this in 8-12 weeks, so we might even see this boxed game by the end of the year!

We will share any more news as we get it!


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