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Games Workshop Seminar – UK Games Expo Breaking News

Myself and Matt got into the queue early for the Games Workshop Seminar at the UK Games Expo.

Quite a few new things were discussed, so let’s quickly dive in!


We already knew that the next gang was Cawdor, however we’ve now seen the minis!

They look fantastic and really echo the down-and-out nature of their lore. Although no date was given it was made clear that the release was ‘very soon’

Middle Earth

At Warhammer Fest we spoke to Adam Troke about the future of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit ranges. He revealed that a new core rule book was on the way to bring together the Tolkien ranges under one roof. He also confirmed a focus would be set on the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

It’s now been revealed that a new box set with be coming with this new rule book. Adam did mention to us that something new was coming that would make it easier for people to get into the Middle Earth ranges. A starter box featuring at least two factions would be a great way to achieve this!

No images were displayed, however Pete and Andy did mention during the Q&A that we would have further previews of this in approximately 8-12 weeks.

Warhammer 40,000

New codexes incoming!!!

First up will be Space Wolves. It doesn’t sound like they’ll be getting new models sadly, but it’ll be great to have the usual warlord traits, strats and artefacts for the Sons of Russ.

After that however, the one a lot of people have been chomping at the bit for, Orks!

So, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be the biggest of re-releases, but it was teased that new models were on the way. I’d expected new War Buggies by the sounds of things at least!

Both Pete and Andy, who were hosting the seminar mentioned the absence of the Genestealer Cults. It a surprise turn they announced that new models were inbound for the cultists. One of which was shown off, see below.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team/Rogue Trader

Whilst Kill Team and Rogue Trader weren’t part of the seminar, during the Q&A someone did ask about these upcoming games, of which Andy announced that the two tied into one and another. Could this mean that Rogue Trader is in effect a starter box for Kill Team?

Warhammer Underworlds

A new pack of cards are on the way for Shadespire of which will focus on buffing your leader. These will be usable by all of the current Shadespire warbands. They teased that we’ll hear more about the new warbands for Shadespire in the next 2-3 months.

Age of Sigmar

It appears we haven’t yet seen all the Nighthaunt models. One was shown during the seminar, Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King! He looks awesome!!

A further two are on way, one looks like it could be the new Mortarch and a third which could potentially be a Banshee hero. Looks like we’ll see the second one next Tuesday over on Warhammer Community.

No reveals regarding new battletomes, however Spiderfang Grots were mentioned in passing during the Q&A…

Look out for videos from the UK Games Expo in be coming few days and let us know what you think over on our social media channels or in the comments below.


  1. Those House Cawdor models have the be the best looking Necromunda minis yet. Lots of character in their expressions and faces. Love their weapons too.

    What are the Genestealer Cultists models for? I know that they released rules to use them in Necromunda, so I’m wondering if these would tie in?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Genestealer Cults models will tie into their 8th edition codex. They’ll be the last codex to be done. To be honest we were a bit shocked that they are getting new models as they were a new codex/range in the previous edition. Their old codex did rely quite a bit on the old guard range (tanks etc) so maybe that’s why they are getting new minis? The rules for cults in Necromunda are based from models already out.

      We’ll soon see after the release of Space Wolves and Orks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no, teasing of new Orks, plus genestealer cultists, House Cawdor and some very lovely looking Nighthaunts all at the same time. GW certainly know how to get access to the contents of my wallet don’t they! 🙂


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