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Taking to the Skies: Dave’s Age of Sigmar 2.0 Voyage

With the second edition of Age of Sigmar on the horizon, it was about time I really settled on a army.

For a long time it was the Stormcast Eternals, and if you’ve listened to our last podcast you’ll have heard me announce my intentions to once again pick up Sigmar’s warriors thanks to the recently revealed magic-powered units.

And so I rushed out and picked up the Lord-Ordinator, the closet Stormcast mini that fit the style of the new units. I was really looking forward to painting him.

But after applying the base coats I sat back and couldn’t escape feeling I wasn’t happy with my work. I just wasn’t feeling the scheme or the model. I’m still a bit of a novice with a paint brush, and I just didn’t feel I could do the ornate nature of his armour justice.

So, I was back to stage one. I went up into my room full of Warhammer and came across a built Admiral from the Kharadron Overlords. I fancied building a force of sky dwarfs when they first came out, but thought I’d struggle to paint them.

Well, I pondered, let’s start painting him and see how it goes. No paint schemes, let’s just go for it.

Whilst unfinished, the result surprised me. I really was enjoying painting this heavily armoured duardin.

Ok, I thought, can I replicate this on a larger model, say one of the ships. Staring at various images I felt I could.

After checking out the warscrolls that was it. I’d chosen my army. I’m going to do Kharadron Overlords!

In order to track my progress I’ll post regular updates here on Sprues and Brews. To flush out my force I’ve also decided to have a go at some background lore. The first of which is focused on my admiral, which you can read below. Over time, as the force grows I’ll build on this foundation .

The aim is to have 1,000pts painted by the time 2nd Edition launches. For someone who doesn’t paint as often as he should, could be quite a task. But I’m game for it.

Check out my background lore so far below. Are any of you intending on having an army ready for the new edition? Let us know in the comments or via social media!


Bazark Ankbarr wasted no time in rising up the ranks of the Kharadron Overlords. Whilst he was a skilled pilot and captain, it was his leadership abilities that eventually led him on to the path of becoming an admiral.

With the chance to lead his own force out into the Mortal Realms he found this the perfect opportunity to fulfil his burning desire to obtain treasure of a different kind.

One fateful evening, whilst enjoying an extraordinary quantity of ale at a trading port, Bazark had a chance encounter with a human scholar, who himself had consumed a large quantity of beverages. He spoke of a myth, that of a recipe scattered across the realms, that once, in a world long forgetting, was used to create an ale like no other. They called it the Bugman’s XXXXXX.

He apparently had maps and information which proved that the myth was true. Bazark, by this time was completely engrossed in the tale, decided that he would one day recover the pieces of the recipe and re-create the ale of legend!

The scholar, by the end of tale, had tried foolishly to keep up with the duardin’s drinking. Before succumbing to the effects of the countless drinks he consumed he handed to Bazark a series of badly drawn documents and maps. Any sober being would have dismissed the events of the evening as pure folly, but not Ankbarr.

With his upcoming rank confirmed Bazark sought out a fleet of his own. Whilst he primarily intended to trade and search out for treasures, he secretly plotted to reach out to all corners of the realms, to one day brew that of legend. It mattered not that his own personal mission would lead him into battle with woodland entities, ghostly beings and green skinned monsters to name but a few.

And so, he set out to form his own small fleet, to make his mark, and in brewing a Bugmans, become a legend himself.


  1. Nice work on your model. I really like how you broke it up with silver and copper bits.

    I’ve just started using Leadbelcher (been mainly using Vallejo paints previously), and been figuring out what a good mix with flow-aid is. Looks like you added a heavy wash over the Leadbelcher? Did you use Nuln oil?


    • Thank you for your comment!

      I’ll be honest, at this stage on the model all I’ve done is start with a Chaos Black undercoat and then done a, what I would call super heavy ‘dry brush’ of lead belcher on top before starting to pick out some of the copper bits. So no use of a wash so far!

      I’m looking forward to finishing him off.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah ok, that’s why he’s still pretty dark underneath. I didn’t see any dry brush strokes, but if I look really hard, I can start to see some on his collar now. Good job!


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